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Charleston Air Force Station

Charleston, Maine

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       Donations for Newsletter/Reunion expenses may be mailed to either Pauline or Ted with checks made payable to CAFS REUNION FUND.
       Remember, it only takes $5.00 per year to keep you on the active mailing list.

Robbie Robertson
Archie Fairbrother
Lloyd & Judy Egers
Johnny & Russie Johnson
Twyla Cloyd
Billy Yarber
Steve Molnar
Richard Farrington
Joe & Jean Notaro
Charlie Croan
Clark E. Smith
Melvin Webster
Charles & Norma Darr
Larry & Janet Whitten
James Arrington
Joseph Mitchell
Helen Stitham
Jack Lynch



Lawrence S. McClenaghan
3061 Cedar Trace
Tarpon Springs FL 34689
1960 -1962

John H. VanCleef
504 Fairview Ave
Frederick MD 21701
Phone 301-662-3123

Francis "Frank" Hillman Sr
2432 -143 Berryville Pike
Winchester VA 22603

Tom Segerson
112 Dawes Rd
Dover-Foxcroft ME 04426
CAFS Nov 54 - Apr 55
&Jan 69 -Sep 74



Anthony DiBlasi
23 Bellaire Dr
Cabot AR 72023-2872

Carl E. Smith
2946 S.W. 30th St
Cape Coral FL 33914

Archie Fairbrother
2907 Bennoch Rd
Alton ME 04468-4201

Ted Bell
P.O. Box 778
Wrightstown NJ 08562

Jack & Nancy Reynolds
551 Blackstream Rd
Hermon ME 04401

Pete & Ross Caristi
RR 8 Box 5596
Bangor ME 04401
Phone 207-848-0988

Hal & Gail Thomas
403 Breedlove Rd
Nashville NC 27856

Robert Head Jr

Scotty Rushing

Homer Rodecape
1224 Osgood Rd
Colorado Springs CO 80915

George Crooks

Larry D. Whitten
17 Country Pl, Mill Landing
Millsboro DE 19966

Norman & Betty Rust
286 Bisbeetown Rd
Waterford ME 04088



         "What a surprise.... on a whim I type Charleston AFS into Google and look what it comes up with. I worked the power plant there in 1976 - 1977."
Benny Burdine
Anchorage, Alaska

         "It's a great (web) site. Nice job. I wish more people from 1968 -1971 would check in."
Jerry Regan
Stamford, Connecticutt

         "I was a "291.." stationed at Charleston (beginning) in 1958 for about 15 months. Don't remember much about my stay there. Would it be possible to find out who else was there at about the same time?"
Byron J. Wood
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


More from Jerry Regan:
"I was stationed at CAFS from August 1968 - February 1970 and again from February 1971-December 1971. I worked in Operations as a height finder operator. I've always loved the area and almost settled down there and in my stay made many friends. I remember just about everything on that site and at times I miss it. I was very sad to read that it had closed down but it will always be a happy memory. By the way, has anyone seen SSGT Joe Guyotte?"
Jerry Regan
Stamford, Connecticut


 From a friend:
         "I own a small deburring shop that does work on the Hawk, Patriot, Aegis Program etc. Hope our work keeps the system ok. Proud to be part of the team even if only in a small way."
Joyce E. Marble


         "We took a hike this last weekend up and around the old platforms. It was quite interesting to walk the grounds. Most of the buildings on top of the hill were in good structural shape, but a lot of debris, etc. everywhere."
Chuck McMahan
(location not given)

     "Ok, I didn't read the
instructions and that's the reason for this second entry. I was stationed at CAFS 1960 to 1962, hung around with Ron Carty, Ralph Burtt, Art Weeks, Bill Becker, and "Oaks". We had a hell of a knuckle ball pitcher, I think his name was Perry. I remember Wilson from the mess hall, Sgt Gillespie and Williams in the motor pool, Bill Babbash, John Clements, Archie Fairbrother, Ron Fowle, Mel Boring, and my many meetings with Major Marvin after wrecking cars, several (police interventions) and etc. ALL fond memories!!!! There was Norm Potvin, Turcotte, Danny Houle who married the dentist's daughter, Houghie, Larry Whitten, and the list goes on and on.
        Great trout fishing and deer hunting.
        Many trips to the gap filler in Topsfield, almost burned it down several times! I crossed paths again with Ralph Burtt in the late 60's working for New York Telephone. Saw Dan Houle (then divorced from the dentist's daughter) in early 70's while attending IBS seminar. Am putting the 2002 reunion on my agenda. Sorry to hear the site closed down!"
Larry (Mac) McClenaghan
Tarpon Springs, Florida


         "Was stationed at Charleston from July 62 to August 65. Retired after 21 plus years hometown Lewiston. Been in Orlando since August 65. Like the winters but summers too hot.
         Worked in Ops & lived in D/F on Morton Ave Trailer park. Am Ham Radio Operator and have been since 1978. Am in contact with Merland Clark in East Corinth. He worked with the T2 and BUIC.
         One of these yrs will make the reunion. Any hams from the radar site? Call is WR4B, am, on 20 mtrs on 14.327 every nite at 1700 hrs."
Joe LaPointe
Orlando, Florida


         "Never stationed at CAFS, but it looks like it would have been a good assignment. I was at Kalispell, Roanoke Rapids, and Diluth while in ADC. "
Dave Auvil
Melbourne, Florida


We heard from Ted and Becky Robinson at the beginning of the summer:

        "I'm doing ok. Becky recuperating from her shoulder operation. Everything is in a mess here because of complete remodeling and addition of a dining room, office, mudroom, and enlargement of kitchen! Having a hard time keeping track of food, dishes, and even my coffee!"


        "Please accept the enclosed check to support the Charleston Air Force Station (Reunion) and pass on my sincere thanks to the people that set up the website and maintain it. There is no need to mail the newsletter to my home as I can read it on the Web.
        The website brings back a flood of fond memories and was a totally unexpected find for me. I hope to see many more names from the early sixties. The website is also listed in, after signing up in your graduating high school there is an option to list military service. You can list all posts you were stationed at.
        Thanks again for all the effort."
Larry (Mac) McClenaghan
Tarpon Springs, Florida


         "Here's the address for John VanCleef. He dropped by and we had a nice visit. He was stationed at Charleston in the 60's."
Charles & Norma Darr
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


        "As always, enjoyed the newsletter! It also reminded us that it's time to send some moolah to help out, so check enclosed.
        Jim and I moved to Manheim, Penna, bought an old home and are fixing it up... I keep reminding Jim that he's "having fun" as he lugs paint, tools and ladders! Now we're close to family and friends which is nice.
        The Pechacek's and Molnar's paid us a visit and saw things in the "before" mode. Hope they'll be back to see the "after" too.
        Hope this note finds you in good health and happy. With it comes out everlasting thanks for all you've done to enrich the lives of all of us who think of CAFS and the great folks who passed thru those gates thru the years.
Jan & Jim Silvius        Nifty-Fifties
Manheim, Pennsylvania


        "Sorry to hear about Doc!
        Don't worry about the newsletter being late as I hadn't sent any money for quite a while! Please find enclosed a little bit from Melvin Webster and myself. (Mel gave me money months ago!). Sorry I couldn't make it for the reunion last year. Carl L. Smth sent me pictures of the reunion and Dover-Foxcroft. He also sent me a picture of the site (from outside the gate, of course). I told you I'm not much of a writer but this is one thing I wanted to take care of. Winter was a little tough here also, but we have learned over the years to take care of it (or live with it!). I'm handicapped and only missed getting out one time in the morning because my friend hadn't plowed the driveway.

P.S.         Carl L. Smith told me he had not received his newsletter since he moved to Florida but he pops it up on the internet anyway. Will write his address down when I go out in the morning.

P.P.S.         Wish we could get more input from people that were at the site during 65 - 66. Even find Bill Rayfield ? Used to hang around with him.

P.P.P.S.        Didn't mean to jack you about snow in Maine! (Wind on the hill was worse than anything I had experienced.) Set record in Erie this year for snow (168" + ) 40 miles north of me. (Lake effect?.) Carl Smith's address included.
        Hope this finds you all in good health and spirits.
Clark E. Smith
Melvin Webster
Meadville, Pennsylvania


"Enclosed find xx bucks to cover the mailing costs for the Charleston AFS newsletter and for all your hard work. All of us enjoyed our Charleston Hill time. Greatly appreciate the labor and effort. Many thanks"
Jack Lynch
Brooklyn, New York


      "It's never too late to hear news from "home". I get the "Observer" still, although two weeks after it's published. We enjoy the newsletter whenever they come."
John & Russie Johnson
Panama City, Florida

For any of you who may have been members of this division or know former members, there is a reunion coming up the weekend of October 12 - 14 in Bangor, Maine. Your contact is reunion secretary Charles Doran at 937-236-0081 or 5258 Pitcairn Rd, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424 or In Maine you may get information from Glennis Pratt Cline at 207-827-1483 or 1102 Cardville Rd, Greenbush, Maine 04418, who was stationed at Roslyn Air Force Station, Long Island, from Aug 1954 to June 1959.

      "Thanks for your letter and a copy of the special order moving guys from Dow AFB to Charleston. ...I would not be on this special order. Probably was on orders about that time to ship over to Japan/Korea (FEACOM). I remember being home on leave from approximately the first week of December 1951, to right after Christmas and having to report to Camp Stoneman(?), California, just before New Year's Eve. I did recognize some name on that special order:
      1. TSgt Carlo Rescigno - nice guy from New York, used to cut my hair on base.
      2. Cpl Frank Stevens - if I got this right, he married a girl from Bangor and I was his best man or in the wedding party. He was from Iowa, I think.
      3. Sgt Metatall - he was the supply Sergeant who spoke with a heavy accent, soft spoken. I think he was from Arkansas.

Some names not on the order that I remember:
      1. Don Remley - was my buddy , we were always together. He was from Covington, Kentucky. We shipped overseas together but never saw or heard from him again after we got separated in Korea. I remember we hitchhiked to some town approximately 60 miles away to see Ralph Flanagan band playing somewhere in town. We were in uniform and got to speak to Ralph Flanagan briefly.
      2. A guy by the name of Palmer, I don't remember his first name. I think he was from Maine.
      3. A guy by the name of Holder, I don't remember his first name but he was from Oregon.
      4. I see the name Chambers on this order. There was a black guy from California who was in our barracks and who introduced me to "jazz" music, I still like that kind of music today. He worked in Crypto, a secret area of the radar shack.
      5. Joe Imbrescia from Beaver, Pennsylvania.
      6. The name Shackley is vaguely familiar.
       Enclosed is a small donation to the cause. Hope to make the 2002 Reunion. Thanks again for the information.
      Afterthought: Is it possible to get a copy of current mailing lists? Also... What is TOPSHAM? Will try to relate more stories to send you."
Joseph R. Notaro
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania





      "Enjoyed the newsletter. It was very informative and it gave me a moment to reflect. I was very sorry to find out that Dr Stitham had passed. He did not deliver any of my children, but he sure did provide some much-needed medical attention. I have retired from my civilian job and am self-employed in my own telecommunications business. There was an article in a previous newsletter about Maurice Yonkin. He was at the hilltop when I was there. I enclose a small donation to offset the expense of mailing and preparing the newsletter. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,"
James A. Arrington
Ellenwood, Georgia


      "To the Reunion Committee of Charleston AFS: "Thanks for the latest news of the membership. It was the second best piece of news we've had this year. The first was that the snow had gone'
      Here's a check to help with expenses. Looking forward to the next reunion. Yours truly,"
Joseph & Jean Mitchell                  59 - 62
Martville, New York


      "Received my first CAFS newsletter today and was very pleased to get it. I hope I get some responses from some of my former hill mates because of the letter of mine that you printed in the newsletter.
         I have been in touch with a few of the folks I was stationed at CAFS with via the internet. Some remember me and some don't. Forty years can do a lot of things to one's memory. A couple of your neighbors remembered me and we do correspond via e-mail. Junior Clark and John Clements are who I am speaking of. John sent me a few pictures, one of him at an Air Force function and another of him with a huge cucumber he had grown a few years ago. I would know him anywhere. He hasn't changed much.
         In the newsletter you mentioned the weather in Maine was in part the reason for the slowness of getting the letter ready. I know what you are talking about and I don't miss that part at all. I remember the really wicked snow storms and cold weather. Here in Delaware we have a little snow and a few cold days, but all in all, a much milder winter than center Maine. Today (April 30th) is almost 80 degrees and sunny.
         I am enclosing a check to help defray the costs of the newsletter. I really appreciate the time and effort you all put into it. I look forward to the next reunion as I plan on being there. I would like to visit with some of the guys I was stationed with.
         Thanks again for your efforts. Hope to see you at the reunion."
Larry D. Whitten
Millsboro, Delaware


  [Maybe Larry can tell us next time how come his e-mail address is "flokboss"]


         Anyone who attended the 1997 CAFS Reunion and met John Cloyd will never forget him! He was so enthused over getting to see friends he had not set eyes on since the 50's, that his enthusiasm was so contagious that it bubbled over to engulf the rest of us! Recently a letter was received from his wife, Twyla:
         " I want to thank you for sending the Charleston Air Force Station Newsletter. My husband, John Cloyd and I had a chance to attend the reunion in 1997. I enjoyed meeting so many of the people that were so important to him and his history. I would like to have you use the enclosed check for your mailings. I think I am ready to be taken off the mailing list. Again, I thank you for being so faithful in keeping me on the list. I have really appreciated it. Sincerely,"
Twyla Cloyd
Portland, Oregon


         " May 1, sunny and warm 77 degrees. Thank you for the CAFS newsletter April 2001. We truly enjoyed all the news, etc. I am enclosing another check for the cause and pray you continue a "swell job by all". My family all OK. In fact my daughter will be on TV - beast cancer survivor - American Cancer Society. All rest OK too. We love you all.
         Sorry about Joe Mizda's misfortune... I will pray for all."
Billy R Yarber (alias Smook)
Ocean Springs, Mississippi


"Reunion 2000 was fun, glad we attended. A big thank you to the reunion committee, the t-shirts were a great idea, and of course thanks to the newsletter crew. We have not received any newsletters since December 1999. If you have any extra copies, I'd appreciate it. Looking forward to the next reunion. Keep up the good work. Newsletter donation enclosed. Thanks again."
Steve & Phyllis Molnar
Alamogordo, New Mexico


         "Thank you for doing such a great job keeping all the 765ers connected. What memories Pat and I have of my time "on the hill". We were newlyweds at the time, and our daughter Cathy was born at Dow AFB hospital just before I transferred out in December of '54. We rented an upstairs apartment from Bert and Alice Blaisdell in East Corinth. Perhaps some other 765 alumni may have rented the same apartment. Bert and Alice were nice people.
         Keep up the good work. Please know that all you good people are appreciated! Enclosed is a small donation for the newsletter expenses. Best wishes to all."
Dick Farrington
Medway, Maine


       "Procrastination is a helluva country to be in, but anyway am getting in a contribution to the cause .


Mind! We had a couple of days of sun, was that summer '01?"
Archie Fairbrother
Alton, Maine


       "Have been going to send a few $$ to help with the newsletter, but it seems to have been on the back burner for a while.
       You are doing a great job with the newsletter. Keep up the good work. Although I don't know many of the ole troops, It's still great to hear about them and what they are doing now and where they are living. As you know, I was only at CAFS for 18 months and worked behind the "Green Door" so didn't meet that many.
       Last year at the Berryville, VA Moose Enrollment, we enrolled a man from Maine and that was stationed at CAFS about 1970, I think. His name and address is Francis (Frank) Hillman Sr, 2432-143 Berryville Pike, Winchester, VA 22603. I haven't seen Frank since that night but am sure he would like to hear about our reunions. If all goes well we'll see ya all in 2002. Thanks again for the great newsletter."
Robbie Robertson
Winchester, Virginia


Atop The Hill

by Cpl Arn Shein

(Note: In the last newsletter this article was more than slightly scrambled by a "mysterious force". Only after all the envelopes were sealed we realized the problem. Oh, the wonders of the technical age!)

                        February 28, 1952,                          Piscataquis Observer

         In the near future, a bloodmobile will tour throughout the county. We of the 765th, along with you of Piscataquis County, have been asked to pledge a pint of our blood now so that valuable time may not be lost when the bloodmobile arrives.
        It is entirely possible that the men with whom we have been, and are now associating with now -- men who quite probably have become friendly with you people of Piscataquis County -- will soon find themselves in Korea with an urgent need for the very blood we are asked to give now!
     Realizing this, no less than 50 of Charleston Hill's personnel have pledged a pint of blood as of this writing.
        We hope that when the bloodmobile arrives, all of us "Atop The Hill" will meet all of you on the bottom of the hill.
        How to get from the bottom of the hill to "Atop The Hill"? That's the problem which each officer and airman, who live off the base, was faced with during last week's tremendous snowstorm!
        Anticipating that the going might be a little rough, most of the 765th AC&W Squadron personnel got up at the crack of dawn to make the tredge to Charleston Hill. The going, however proved to be much more than "a little rough" as strong backs and sturdy shovels attempted to clear away some of ol' man Winter's debris.
        After several carloads of men in blue were marooned between Dover-Foxcroft and the point of destination, it was unanimously agreed that the snow in Piscataquis County makes for a beautiful sight -- "but can't it be spread out a little"!
        The storm once again brought out the hospitality of the townsfolk. Two couples -- Mr. and Mrs. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Noyes -- found themselves nearest to the mass marooning on Route 15 and the couples graciously provided food and shelter until help arrived. A hearty message of "thanks" is sent to from the hill to the Davises and the Noyeses.
        Before we forget, congratulations to Dover-Foxcroft's TSgt and Mrs. Irving Cohen who celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary last Friday.
        Be seein' ya at the same corner, next week!

[Contributed by Bill Larrabee, alias, Woodstove Willie who tends to the weather throughout the year at Sebec Lake.]

              REUNION 2002  
                GET READY !
                        IT'S THE WEEKEND OF
JULY 19, 20, + 21, 2002
           IN BANGOR, MAINE

        As everyone says, "Time flies ..." and Reunion 2002 will be here before you know it. Some people have sent in ideas for the reunion and we appreciate your thoughts. We'd like to hear more from you in the next few months so we can consider your suggestions while we do our planning. Use one of our e-mail addresses listed here or mail to one of us.
        For anyone who has not been in Bangor for a number of years (or even a couple years), you will see a great change in the Dow AFB landscape. Lots of new construction going on daily.
        ON THE HILL in Charleston, the State of maine has been working on the Northern Maine Regional Juvenille Detention Facility, part of which you may have seen if you toured around after your 2000 Reunion.The full facility which is scheduled to be opened by November 1st will be known as Mountain View Youth Development Center instead of the previous name chosen. It is a $25 million project and is expected to be the premier juvenile facility in the country. This project site takes in the area where both relocatable and permanent base housing existed.


        A "Welcome to 765th ACWS" produced under Major William E. Schwartz, Commander by Capt. John P. Rice Jr and A1C Melbourne H. Pridgen about 1954 - 55 gave housing conditions at Charleston AFS: "There are no present facilities for family housing at the station. However contracts have been let to have nine on base units by September 1956. Housing in the immediate vicinity is plentiful and extremely reasonable. In Charleston, East Corinth, and Dover-Foxcroft, a five room furnished apartment rents for approximately $45.00 monthly.This does not include utilities. Rents in Bangor are much higher."
        These nine units of "permanent" family housing were demolished just a short time ago (1999?) to clear the way for the Youth Detention Center.


I am an old, old man,
and have had many troubles ..
But most of them never happened.


Joe Mizda
66 Fourth St, Bangor ME 04401
(Keeper of the Mailing List)

Ted Robinson
557 Stetson Rd, Exeter ME 04435
(Keeper of the Funds)

Peter Caristi
195 Garland St, Bangor ME 04401 
(Reunion Emcee)

Woody Breedlove
211 Maple St, Bangor ME 04401 
(E-mail Watch & Meeting Place)

Pauline Sodermark
449 Tate Rd, Corinth ME 04427 
(Keeper of the Newsletter)

Volunteers: Greg Hildreth, Dick Cynewski, Margaret McKinney, Becky Robinson, Chuck
Thompson, Marcia Hatch


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