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Websites   Flash Macromedia Director
CHC E151 cell group website   ICM society website flash intro Interactive vs
      Non-interactive (3 Mb)
ICM Project website  

Eusoff Movie Jack's Car flash

      I wish upon a distant star
a glow that warms you from afar,
a lamp that lights the paths ahead
with pretty sparkles that never fade.
- anz
Anz 1st webpage in Sec 4    
Graphics   Musings
x-men pic (90Kb)   Fantasy Fiction - Vampyres
Precious Moment angel (42Kb)   Poem - Drawers
Precious Moment candle (46Kb)   Sci-Fi Fiction - Zacreoids
Mushu (33Kb)  

Purple monster pics using Flash
1 and 2

516   Home is the only link that works

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