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Riverside Cemetery

(Zoar Bridge Cemetery)

Oxford, Connecticut

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Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery in Oxford, Connecticut (not to be confused with the Riverside Cemeteries in Shelton and Trumbull), is located next to Riverside Methodist Church on Freeman Road. Follow Route 34 (Drings Road/Roosevelt Drive) from Monroe over Stevenson Dam (Lake Zoar) and take a left onto Coppermine Road; the cemetery is at the fork of Coppermine and Freeman. The earliest stones date from the first decade of the 1800s; unfortunately most of the older stones are illegible. The oldest stone that I was able to read was dated 1815. The majority of the burials seem to have occurred in the mid- to late 1850s, and there are a fair amount of modern interments (late-1900s to the present). Common surnames in Riverside Cemetery include Downs, French, Smith, Wooster, and very notably, Stowe. The cemetery was actually relocated around 1897, when Stevenson Dam was built; thanks to Karl T. for the link detailing the story.

Photos taken 4 June 2010.

Riverside Cemetery

Right: a view of Riverside from the lot of Riverside Methodist Church.

Polly Stowe space saver Rear view, Polly Stowe

Front and rear view for Polly McIntyre Stowe.

"Polly McIntyre

wife of Vivant Stowe

1816 - 1902"

Reuben Stowe

"Reuben Stowe

July 6, 1849

June 28, 1921"

Ullie Stowe space saver Ullie Stowe

"Ullie A. Stowe

1885 - 1918

Died in service at Camp Dix"


Dominic M. Ippolito

US Navy

October 21, 1929 - November 13, 1981

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