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       The progress of any country depends upon the power resourses provided by nature. The power resourses not only fulfill the electricity requirement of the country but also play an important role in the industrial development of the country. Usually coal, mined oil, natural gas and electricity etc are included in power resourses.
       In our country mineral oil and natural gas provided by nature occupy an important place. By means of these resources we fulfill 35% to 40% electricity requirements whereas through electricity approx. 18%, by coal approx. 6% by other means about 100% electricity is obtained. In our country , mineral oil is a necessity fro the country so we have to import approx. 64% of mineral oil and other products from other countries of the world whereas other power resources are available in the country. Following are the two main power resources of Pakistan.

Bio gas


Power resources Percent production in Pakistan
Mineral oil 40%
Natural gas 35%
Hydel Electricity 18%
Coal 6%
Nuclear Energy 0.6%
Others 0.4%

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