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Welcome to Kitty's Link

Your Link to Import Cars, Backgrounds/Galleries, Me & my GsR, Japanese Animation.... 
This is my Homepage, feel free to explore! I hope this new layout is less confusing than the last. 
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Please ask permission before using/taking any images. thank you!

------Last Update: Sept 1, 2003------
updates: addition of events.. sorry i haven't had much time to update this site. i've been working heavily on the streetimageperformance.com site.. i'll reformat this before the end of this month.. thanks for being patient!
apr 03 : added to links to pics in journals
feb 03:restructuring website for... easier navigation?!
8-27-02: real timeslips & new applekat pics-> journal, nisei showoff events page
6-24-02 update to events(eat meet), timeslips
6-5-02 added more pics to the me page & partially fixed the confusing structure of my page i'll be totally with the program in two weeks..
5-14-2002 reformatting overall structure of website for even distribution of bandwidth. the last version of KL sure was messy! hopefully this'll be a less confusing structure. Refreshing isn't it. there may be minor errors to the page.. Sorry I'll get everything worked out later this week.

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