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The Art of Style

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The Art of Beauty. The Art of Style
The Art of Beauty
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The Elements of Style....

Any woman can have great style.
The challenge is cultivating it and buying the most expensive clothes won't necessarily help.

Style comes with understanding your needs and lifestyle.
More importantly, it means respecting and enjoying yourself as a unique person.
It means being as attractive as you possibly can.

What counts most?

Well-groomed hair cut in proportion to your figure attracts instant attention and establishes you as a woman who cares about her appearance.

It draws attention to your face and can make you appear taller, slimmer, more alive, and more confident.

These spell the sort of person you are - quiet and discreet, or strong and forceful.
For work, your accessories should always be the best quality, the most you can afford.
As style guru Elsa Klensch points out: "a cheap outfit will look expensive with quality accesories but cheap accesories will ruin the most expensive dress."

Quick Tricks To Find Your Proportions....

Study your proportions - whether you're short, tall, slim, or voluptuous - until you know everything about your figure.

Just as essential in developing your style is finding the most flattering colors for you.


Squint at yourself in the mirror.
A tighter gaze will block out those distracting lumps and bumps and allow you a clearer focus on your overall body shape.

Study your side and back views as well!
In order to really gauge your body shape, you really must examine the evidence!

A quick way to tell if you're short- or long-waisted without measuring is to gauge the distance from your neck to your waist and from waist to crotch.
If the upper half is longer, you're long-waisted, and vice-versa.

Determine the length of your neck and legs (they play an important part in overall proportion) with these easy steps:

*If you can easily touch your chin to your chest, your neck is short; if you have to strain, it's long.

*If the distance from your shoulders to your crotch is longer than from your crotch to ankles, you're short-legged.

Top Heavy Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO spend as much time as is necessary finding the right bra or body suit.
It can make a whole lot of difference. Your best buy is a no-seam bra that offers a natural-looking profile.

DO go for collarless jackets and avoid patch breast pockets. The less detail on or near your bust, the less attention you'll attract to it.

DON'T ever forget that a tight sweater is the worst booboo you can do. The next worst is wearing a light top over a dark bottom.

DON'T wear wide belts. They'll make your bustline look even bigger.

Small-Busted Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO experiment with layering. You can wear a vest over a shirt in cooler weather or a bratop under one in summer.

DO dare to go braless in the evening. Small breasts under a sweater look sexier than you can imagine.

DON'T forget that with your small bust, you look great in mannish jackets, and this is a plus if you are climbing the executive ladder.

DON'T forget that with your figure you can get away with the most romantic ruffles, wide bertha collars, and peasant skirts.

Bottom-Heavy Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO avoid different skirt lengths. Find the one that is most flattering to your figure and stay with it.

DO keep pantyhose and shoes in tone with skirts and pants, to lengthen your figure.

DON'T choose light colors for skirts and pants - you'll only draw attention to your lower torso. Remember, dark colors make heavy areas look smaller.

DON'T stop experimenting with tops. Use them to draw attention to your well-proportioned bust and to flatter your face.

High-Waisted Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO wear all one color from neckline to hemline.

DO opt for a sheath dress whenever possible. Its straight shape elongates your waistline - and it's more flattering than any other style.

DON'T tuck your blouse in as it will broadcast exactly where your waist is. Your best length is exactly three inches below - just where your stomach starts to rise.

DON'T wear contrasting belts. Your smartest choice is a narrow one-inch-wide style that is simply designed and toned to match your pants or skirt.

Low-Waisted Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO emphasize your waist with belts. Sashes in contrasting colors are especially flattering.

DO watch the fit of jackets as they are often too short-waisted. A very fitted jacket will be cut too high. Save your money - it will never feel right on you.

DON'T buy skirts or pants with a wide waistband. Too often, the waist will rise so high, it'll be uncomfortable.

DON'T consider a princess-lined or fitted coat; it will only accentuate your low waist. With that long back, you'll look like a million dollars in a bathroom coat tied low.

Straight-Up-And Down Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO choose skirts, pants and jackets that tie softly at the waist. That gentle gathering creates the illusion of a waistline.

DO - especially if your neck is long - play with long scarves and necklaces. These will give your torso the illusion of shape.

DON'T mix too many colors. A soft simple print is best for you.

DON'T wear tight belts. Your best bet is the belt that lies easily and loosely on your hips.

Short-Legged Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO match your stockings to your shoes and skirts or pants. That continuous line of color elongates the leg.

DO keep your trouser legs slim and straight to help create the illusion of height.

DON'T wear cuffed trousers. Even a small cuff will cut your height.

DON'T wear skirts below the knee. They'll only chop you in half.

Heavy-Thighed Figure Dos and Don'ts:

DO choose loose-fitting pants and skirts, such as a flared A-line style. (Avoid anything bias-cut as it will cling.) Wear fitted tops with them to show off the smallness of your body.

DO collect tunic-length tops or even large tees to give you the coverage you need.

DON'T wear prints, horizontal stripes, or bright colors below the waist. These will only draw attention to thighs.

DON'T forget a body shaper if you must wear a more fitted look. A long-leg controller trims hips and thighs for a smoother, sleeker line.