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The Art of Beauty

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The Art of Beauty. The Art of Style
The Art of Style
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How To Make The Most Out of Your Looks

To find the most flattering make-up, study the shape and proportion of your face and features as carefully as you did your figure. You'll find that you fit into one of four basic facial types:

How To Determine the Shape of Your Face....

Round - fuller than other shapes; no definition; no hint of cheekbone.

Long - usually narrow with a long jaw.

Square - a full jawline (more horizontal than diagonal); broad or high forehead; equal width at temples and jaw.

Oval - well-balanced top to bottom; clearly defined cheekbones; diagonal jawline.

Tips To Make A Round Face Look Longer, Slimmer

Keep the concentration of eyeshadow between the inner corner and the center of your eye.
Blend out and up toward the outer edges of your forehead.

Brush on blush in a diagonal line, from under your cheekbone up to the tip of your ear.

Wear hair softly feathered at sides and brushed forward onto cheeks.

Tips To Make a Square Face Look Rounder, Softer

Brush on a triangle of eyeshadow from middle of eye to far outer corner; blend toward forehead corners.

Apply blush in a soft arc; from middle of cheekbone around and up into hairline.

Keep brows naturally arched.

Wear hair full, in a chin-length bob and curled under.

Emphasize lips with color, as this will bring attention to the center of your face.

Make-Up Tips

Put on sunblock when you go outdoors - on face, hands, and arms (where skin ages faster).

Always keep to a fine point your make-up pencils.
The sharper (note: as opposed to rounded) the point, the easier to work with and the more precise the line.

Carry a make-up kit that duplicates the one you have at home - so touch-ups always match.

When applying mascara to bottom lashes, hold a tissue under the eye for a no-smudge finish.

For an even application of liquid liner, tilt your head back slightly, hold your eye half-open,
then smooth the lid slightly, gently, and run brush as close as possible to lashline.

Follow blush with a sweep of translucent powder for a no-seam finish.

If you favor an eyebrow pencil, stroke it against the bristles of your brow brush; then brush color directly on hairs to fill in for a natural effect.

Sweep translucent powder under eye before applying shadow to lid; then easily brush off fallen color particles.