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The Kirby
with Triumph of Gnomes
Wed. June 1st
@ Vaudville Mews

Umphrey's McGee
with Floodplane
Thursday June 2nd
Simon Estes Amphitheater

& Rookie of the Year
Friday. June 3rd- 5:oopm -All Ages
@ House of Bricks

Jimi Pig
Friday. June 3rd- 9:30pm
@ House of Bricks

As Cities Burn
Lorene Drive
Slaughter House 6
Friday, June 3rd
@ Blinks - Ames , IA

Inner Element
with The Rude
Friday . June 3rd - 8pm
@ Vaudville Mews

Brother Trucker (Andy & Lyle)
Friday . June 3rd - 5pm to 8pm
@ 801 Chop and Steak House

Friday. June 3rd- 6- 9pm - All Ages
@ Roadhouse 69

The Trademark
Lost Rocket
Friday. June 3rd
@ Roadhouse 69

Axis Band
Friday. , June 3rd
Gear Jammers , Hubbard, IA.

Invisable North
Sallt of Society
Friday, June 3rd
@ Keysters

Friday June 3rd
@ Johnny Macs .

Scott Holt
Friday, June 3rd
@ Blues On Grand

Saturday, June 4th
@ Crows Nest -Ankeny , IA.

Cold Filtered
Saturday, June 4th - 9pm
@Abate Thunder Rally in Brooklyn, IA.

Cassandra Disease
June 4th- 9pm
@ Roadhouse 69

Waiting For the Fall
The Rude
Saturday, June 4 - 5pm ALL AGES
@ Hairy Marys

Saturday. June 4th - 9:30pm
@ House of Bricks

June 4th
@ Johnny Macs .

Axis Band
Saturday, June 4th
@ Wetgoods Bar and Grill, Jefferson, IA

Saturday, June 4th

The Cotton Candy
Saturday, June 4th
@ Blues on Grand

Rosefield Rivals
Stuck With Arthur
Jessica Wyoming
Slaughterhouse 6
Chinese Happy
Sunday May 29th
@ House of Bricks - All Ages 5pm

The Kratt Brothers
Zoo Tunes Concer Series
Sunday June 5th- All Ages
@ The Blank Park Zoo

David Zollo
Sunday June 5th
@ AK O Conners

Jethro's All -Star Jam
@ Orlandos ..

39th Parallel
Among The Living
The Western Front
Monday June 6th
@ House of Bricks - All Ages 5pm

Sum 41
Static Lullaby
Unwritten Law
Tuesday June 7th
@ Vall Air Ballroom

Catch Local Licks with Suzy On Lazer 103.3
- Sunday Night at 11pm

Broken News :
KCRQ Rockfest
: June 11th - Kansas City - Tickets $30
Drowning Pool
Static X
Life of Agony

Megadeth - Dream Theater
Dillenger Escape Plan - Fear Factory
& Nevermore

Rolling Stones
Announce Fall Tour

Simon Estes Amphitheatre
Summer Concerts Includes :
Walter Trout
Savoy Brown

Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Dates below

Green Day
Sept 17th
Wells Fargo Arena - Des Moines

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Black Crows

July 18th
Wells Fargo Arena
- Des Moines, IA.

Iowa State Fair to Include :

Switchfoot - Aug 11th

Brad Paisly - Aug. 12th

Hoobastank with
Switchfoot - Aug 17th

ZZ TOP - Aug 19th

Keith Urban - Aug. 20th

Charlie Daniel's Band - Aug. 21st

Paul McCartney

To Include Des Moines Stop October 27th
@ Wells Fargo Arena - SOLD OUT

WaterStock 2005 Concert
- June 18 @ 2005 Water Works Park

Skid Row -
Brett Micheals
Slaughter -
Hells Belles
& Cold Filtered

Iowa Metal Fest

Realitys Flaw
Index Case
And Much More
July 4th
@ Sleepy Hallow

Cost of the War in Iraq in $
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Summer Festivals

Summerfest - Milwaukee. WS.
June 30th - July 10th

National Acts from Tim McGraw
to Chevelle, and including the newly formed

Cardboard Vampyres

Rockfest - Caddott WS 2005 -
July 14 thru the 16th

Tom Petty - ZZ Top - Collective Soul
Ratt - Cinderella - Megadeth - Black Crows

Sounds of the Underground Tour
GWAR , High on Fire , Clutch, Devil Driver,
Poison the Well , Opeth, Madball,
Strapping Young Lad, Unearth & More

Ozzfest Line Up 2005
Aug. 07 - Minneapolis, MN - Floatrite Park

Bonnaroo Festival 2005
June 10th -12th - Manchester, TN.

Download Festival
Donnington UK
Lineups & Tickets

Black Market Fetus
On 12 Vinyl LP


(send us yours)

Judas Priest
Wed. June 1st
Xcel Energy Center
St Paul , MN

Sum 41
Tues. June 7th
Val Air Ballroom

REO Speedwagon
Sunday June 10th
Surf Ballroom - Clear Lake , IA

Doobie Brothers
June 15th
Prairie Meadows - Altoona, Ia.

Walter Trout & the Radicals

June 16th
Simoin Estes Amphitheatre

Little Feat
June 22,
Val Air Ballroom.

Crossfade, and No Address
June 17,
Val Air Ballroom.

Ted Nugent
July 2nd
Surf Ballroom - Clear Lake , IA

Great White
July 2nd - Algona IA

Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson
July 9th - Vets Auditorium

Big Head Todd & The Monsters
July 9th
Simon Estes Amphitheatre

38 Specail
Lakeside Casino - Osceolo
July 10th - 2005

Savoy Brown
July 14th
Simon Estes Amphitheatre

Tony Hawk's BoomBoom HuckJam
July 14
Wells Fargo Arena

Better Than Ezra
July 15
Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater

Pat Benatar w/ Neil Gerardo
Aug. 3rd
Prairie Meadows - Altoona

Buddy Guy
Aug 8th
Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater

Reverand Horton Heat
Aug 9th
Vaudville Mews

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Interviews :
This Months Victim
Kelly Moriarity

& Drummer


1. Ok Kelly... here's you big 15 minutes of fame. Lets start off with your history as a musician... tell us how ya got started

Well, It all started when i was 4 yrs old and my mother left some cooking pots out after doing dishes, me being a spry young farm lad I eagerly began whaling on them with two spoons and....

Hold on, hold on.... not that far back.

Oh... uhhh ill jus fast forward then. Lemme see... ummmm.
Ok my first band was called "Commerce Drive", we were probably one of the first Iowa bands to attempt playing mostly original tunes which actually went over very well.

We had quite a following for a buncha stoners and drop outs from Valley High School. After that i matured and began my heavy metal faze and did alot of jamming with your usual musicians now seen playing around (Jim Root, Ronnie Richardson, Randy Van Hosen)...but I never did get into anything serious with any of them mainly cause I was too busy screwing off.

Then I met the legendary bass player (who i still feel is Iowa's BEST bass player) Tom Murphy who was then playing with "Thunder Teaz" (Lance Harrison and Gary Benson), who were in search of a drummer who could travel and didnt have to pay child support. So....(me being one of the few musicians around who had'nt knocked up a groupie yet) ..

I got the gig. We were signed with A.R.M. out of St. Paul, Minn. and we were really popular up north, we even had a small fan club of drunk'n groupies who we were sorta scared of...yelling and screaming our names during songs and pretty much embarrassing us where ever we played...it got to the point were we almost had them kicked out a few times. (Funny...now that i think bout it.... it sorta mirrored my luck with women at the time).


2. So OK then, tell us how you got involved in doing promotional art and CD covers for such bands as "LA Guns" ?

Well the "L.A. Guns" gig was kind of a fluke. I'd always been known as "thee" local artist to go to for any band logo designs or other rock'n roll type of art. So as luck should have it, I happened to be late on delivering some art to a local bar owner in 1994. It jus so happened that "L.A. Guns" was setting up stage for a show that night and were waiting to do a sound check.

As i was showing the owner of the bar my finished designs, Tracii Guns and Johnny Crypt began helping themselves to my portfolio. (to tell ya the truth, I had no idea LA Guns was there that night and was kinda flattered by these two tattooed strangers oo-ing and ah-ing at my artwork)... Thats when Tracii asked if Id be interested in roughing up some sketches for there upcoming release called "American Hardcore". Two monthes later they bought ALL the art and roughs and used two different covers on the the ONE CD.

Kelly Morairity
Interview Here


Past Victims
Read Interviews with them
by clicking the link below the picture

Josh Brainard

Of On A Pale Horse :
June 3rd
@ The Uptown Bar - St Paul , MN.

Nate Fetus

Vocals -
Black Market Fetus
with Impaler , Celladoor,
Dark Mirror & Hullus
- All Ages
June 11th @ Vaudville Mews

Vocalist & Bassist
Randy Van Hosen

Of Roze
June 10th & 11th
@ The Port - Panora, Ia.

Guitarist Ronnie Richardson

Of Full Throttle

June 18th
@Smokeys Bar - B Que

aka KGGO's "Joey the Ratt "

of Calous

John DIngman

Sat June 4th
@ Crows Nest - Ankeny, IA.

Chris Watland

Slaughter House 6
June 3rd
@ Blinks , Ames , IA

Matthew Lemons

"The Cassandra Disease"

June 4th @ Roadhouse 69

Frankie Burke

of Slitheryn

Brian Burgett

of Cold Filtered :
Saturday, June 4th
ABATE District 9 Thunder Rally
Brooklyn, IA.
June 10th @ Clivefest

Gary Seddon

Vocals& Guitarist
More than This
July 16th @ The Hot Spot
Centerville , IA

Bill King

of Roadshow

Our 1st Victim Kelly Heathcote :

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