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Black Plume's Weasel People by Sharon A. Oakley

Published by Black Plume's Cultural Studies

The Second Edition of Black Plume's Weasel People

By Sharon A. Oakley

Black Plume's Weasel People

The Last Bastion of Native Ways

Mission Statement

Black Plume's Cultural Studies

Black Plume's Cultural Studies is an organization of individuals and groups working towards the preservation and distribution of First Nation's aboriginal, cultural and natural heritage.

Our Mission Is To Preserve, Promote And Advance The Culture, Health, Economic, Educational And Social Well Being Of Our People - Including Language, History and Spirituality.

Black Plume's Cultural Studies is operating as an open organization associated with all North American indigenous peoples. It is dedicated to the development, distribution and promotion of literary, artistic, educationally developmental, and self healing efforts of native peoples.

Established in 2003, Black Plume's Cultural Studies is a charitable organization working to improve self reliance, motivation, education, integrity, unity and understanding enabling improved conditions for tribal groups and indigenous individuals acrosss North America.

Black Plume's Cultural Studies (BPCS), is a community-based, not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing support and education to and for indigenous peoples and for all interested parties wishing to assist in the healing and self empowerment of First Nations and Tribal Peoples, and the public seeking awareness and education regarding these peoples, on the North American Continent.

Vision Statement

The vision of Black Plume's Cultural Studies is of cooperative communities and individuals seeking a good quality of life committed to self-reliance and a positive attitude, leading to the growth of a strong climate for long-term self awareness, enhanced spirituality, self reliance, unification and educational opportunities.

BPCS is a 501(c)3 status organization for tax deductable donations in the U.S. and has full charities status in Canada for the same.


Black Plume's Weasel People

ISBN # 1-891658-08-5

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