Lovable, charming, calm, dependable and intelligent are all words to describe a Taurus animal!

Like their Zodiac sign, the bull, these animals are easily identified by their big stocky bodies. They love to eat and sleep. As they get older, weight gain and poor dental hygiene can become serious problems, so take care to prevent this while the animal is still young.

Proud and determined, they know what they want and what they don't. Don't be surprised if this finicky animal turns up his/her nose at the food you put in their dish - in his/her opinion they should be eating what you eat. One of the funniest traits of this animal is the time and effort they put into making a spot comfortable before they lay down. Whether it's your lap, their private bed, or just a spot on the carpet, it must be purrfect before they settle down. When a Taurus animal sees you walk in the door, don't expect them to run over and lick your face. This animal will move slowly and deliberately into your space then hesitate, as if waiting to see what you're going to do. Once you pass their intense inspection and they've allowed you the pleasure of petting them, they'll return to their normal routine. One of their favorite activities is climbing into your lap for a long snooze. Gentle and affectionate, they love to show their affection by maintaining as much body contact with their humans as possible.

A young Taurus is awkward, slow moving, and a little clumsy. When it comes to exercise and play, it's up to you to initiate the games. Taurus pets move slowly and deliberately and will patiently wait until the last minute before getting up and investigating. They don't like the rough and tumble play that some of the other signs do. They prefer lazy and affectionate games that involve full body contact because it feels like a massage to them.

These pets thrive on familiarity - they don't like abrupt changes of residences or routine. Extremely loyal to their family and home, they do best in a quite environment that isn't too stressful or active. They don't do well in a home where people are always coming and going. Taurus pets make loving companions for every member of the household. They are tolerant of children - and easily accept new additions to the family. The only time problems occur are if small children try to take the Taurus's toys. They are very possessive of their things.

If having an animal share your personal space - like your bed, sofa or chair - is unacceptable to you, teach them while they are young. Although it may be hard to resist lifting that cuddly ball of fur onto your bed, be firm early. They are such stubborn animals that it will be almost impossible to break bad habits when they are older. When they are angry, these animals will stubbornly refuse to cooperate with you. Coaxing and gentle words are much more acceptable than yelling and screaming. In fact,yelling at these animals just makes them more difficult to motivate.Constant, gentle repetition to train a young pet. It may take a while to see results, but eventually they will commit the lesson to memory. And once they learn, it stays learned, so you won't need to discipline them frequently. Wen they do step out of line, a firm word usually does the trick the first time. The second time they are punished will be the last.

Treat Time:
Treats, goodies, and lots of body rubs make these pets go crazy with delight. Rubbing the underside of the neck is their all time favorite. It is important for a Taurus pet to feel like they are an important part of the family. Include them in as many activities as you can - even if it's just holding them on you lap as you watch TV. They are also easily trained. Remember that they need their own personal space. Make sure it's as comfortable or they will take it as a personal insult!


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