More About Me...

Some of my favorite things to do are sleep (Of course! I am, after all, a kitten!), eat, and play.

I have a lot of favorite places to sleep, but like I was talking about before...I really, really like sleeping on my mommy's face or in the crook of her arm at night. It's so cozy. I also like sleeping at the bottom of my scratching post because it's such a fun place to hang out that I just get tired and conk out right there. I have a kitty bed, but I only use that when my people are tossing and turning in bed.

A few of my favorite foods are Iams soft kitty food and boiled chicken. Every time I see a chicken coming my way I make sure to make enough noise to let everyone know just *how* much I want a taste. I really do love it. Anyone who wants to get on my good side should boil me a chicken. Nice and tender, no salt, with a little bit of the skin...Mmmm, yummy. Oh yeah, back to the other stuff I like. You know, I pretty much like anything with chicken, turkey, or pork in it. I'm not too big of a beef fan. I think I may have been a cow in my past life. As for vegetables...ICK. And that's all I have to say about that. I really like the smell of this stuff my mom won't let me have. I think she calls it chocolate or something like that. She says it's not good for me, but I sure would like to find out for myself one of these days! And I know it's not a food, but whenever anyone around me gets a fresh, cold glass of water I love to walk over and stick my tongue in it. There's something about someone else's stuff that makes it so irresistable! My mommy's given me my own glass before, but I never drink out of it if I know she has a glass somewhere because hers will always be better.

Some of my favorite games are chasing and throwing my mousies, shredding paper, and hide & seek. Oh, how I love to play hide and seek! I get my mom to hide around a corner, and then she peeks her head around and says,"Peek-a-boo!" and then ducks back. I just can't help myself from chasing her around after that. I think we could play for a whole 10 minutes and I wouldn't be bored.


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