These trusting souls are easy to identify by their innocent approach to other animals and humans as potential playmates, not potential enemies or prey!

A Sagittarius pet usually has a strong, lean, muscular body that reflects it's energetic personality. They tend to run a little longer in the limb than their comrades and have a long, running gait.

They love to jump and leap and will cover as much distance as possible, when and where they can. These playful and friendly pets are incredibly enthusiastic. When they greet you at the door, their bodies quiver with excitement of seeing you - even if you only went outside to check the mail. Their most striking quality is a sense of humor that is obvious in everything that they do. They enter a room confidently and playfully, often by rolling into it while playing with something else. Their greeting of strangers is eager and adoring because they tend to forget that they are pets and not the social director of a club. They having a little regard for differences between themselves and other creatures and respond to all attention as an invitation to play. They can often be found enjoying the attentions of children with their own sense of childish abandon. These pets don't change too much from youth to adulthood. The only noticeable difference is a newfound awareness of which creatures to avoid and a little more caution when approaching strangers and other possible dangers. They have a distinct tendency to end up neighboring areas because their wanderlust is so strong. In time, they develop a keener sense of how to return home from their journeys instead of ending up stranded somewhere. With humans and other creatures, their tolerance is only matched by their "over the top" eagerness to play.

"Do they ever grow up?" You may find yourself asking as your pet enters their forth or fifth or tenth years. A Sagittarius pet seems to stay youthful for it's entire lifetime. You can expect that restless, eager, enthusiastic spirit to keep your hopping well into your own old age. They prefer being outside, but if they are house pets, it's important that they have access to the outdoors when they need it. Otherwise, they'll run you ragged with their demands to go out and come back in. All Sagittarius pets have a particular inclination for giving advice by reminding you with a nudge when you're about to do something silly - such as shut the door before they had a chance to slip out!

The family of a Sagittarius pet should be active, sporty, and outdoorsy. This pet can't tolerate being cooped up for too long, so city life and apartment dwelling can be a strain. To make life bearable for them, you'll need to walk them three or four times a day - and at least one of those walks need to be the long, rambling type. A family in the country with plenty of room for them to run and explore is the best choice. Large families offer this pet more opportunity to play and exercise as well as keeping the risks of boredom down to a dull yawn. Children of all ages and other animals, regardless of species, are seen as welcome playmates.

Good luck disciplining this one! They're not generally naughty or mischievous pets, but they are unruly. Worse, after they've done something wrong, they have a way of looking at you with such embarrassment that it's almost impossible to laugh at them. Then, as if that weren't bad enough, the minute you start laughing, they think they are forgiven!! Yes, this is definitely one pet that will keep your hands full. Expecting them to obey your rules is not a bad thing because they really do try to live up to your expectations. They can get a little lazy in the self-control department but a firm voice and a stern approach works wonders.

Treat Time:
These lovable animals are almost too easy to please. Giving them their favorite foods is always a great treat. But a good neck rub, a tummy tickle, or a good massage is even better. A playful game of tease also gets them going, but you have to be careful because once you wind them up, it's difficult to calm them down. The best reward of all is to let them go out and play with kids of all ages. They instinctively know what joy they bring and that's all any of them need to feel good.


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