Pisces pets are easily identifiable by their sleeping habits. They like to nap frequently throughout the day - even after a good night's sleep!

Look for sad and soulful eyes that make you want to rush over and save them from the harsh world around them. A soft coat and gentle demeanor are further indications that your pet is a Pisces, as is a tendency to put on weight if not exercised regularly.

This animal does not have a naturally aggressive bone in it's body. If you like pets that will love and soothe you with their quiet presence, this gentle pet is for you. These shy animals enter and exit rooms invisibly. They prefer to be anonymous and get uncomfortable if you focus too much attention on them, especially for too long. They have a great affinity for sitting in laps or hiding under furniture and watching everyone around them. Stroking and petting them is fine but curious inspection sends them scurrying for the closest closet. They can often be spotted playing alone in a corner, acting out their favorite fantasy such as an imaginary hunt. Their movements are slow and sensual and well thought out. When they are young, these gentle creatures are often the least aggressive of the pack. They tend to stick with the familiar and they hide from anything new or unusual. They are often picked on by other animals because they are regarded as weak. But in time, the Pisces pet learns to hold their own ground. Bearing all this in mind, they're playful, happy pets who yearn for closeness and acceptance within their group. They're especially good with very small children and very forgiving of any accidental injuries caused by those small hands.

If you own a Pisces pet, you might be shaking your head saying "what playtime?". As adults, these animals are remarkable;e in the great pleasure that they derive from napping. Frequently. And anywhere. Sleep is important to them and so is a quiet, non-aggressive environment. They will do what is expected of them - including fiercely protecting the home - but as a rule, they'd rather leave well enough alone and take another snooze. They are not energetic, so you may need to force a bit of regular exercise on them to maintain their health.

The family of a Pisces pet should be small, comprised of gentle, subdued personalities. They will bond to all members of a household, but have a tendency to establish a stronger relationship with the weakest or smallest member. They prefer restful environments that offer private, undisturbed spaces for solitude and sleep. But they are versatile and can adapt to most environments - short of a college dormitory - with a minimum amount of trouble.

Disciplining a Pisces pet is tricky because they can be easily traumatized by insensitive behavior and loud or shrill noises. Firm repetition helps install proper behavior in them. Because they're forgetful, they may need more than a few reminders before they get the hang of what you want. They learn more easily and readily when they are young. But even when they're older, they will learn any new skill required for getting along in their environment and being an accepted member of the family. Their personality will reflect the disciplinary treatment they have received when growing up, so the best approach with this animal is to be gentle, patient, and forgiving.

Treat Time:
The best reward for these pets is praise and affection. They actually require very little in the way of daily maintenance so positive reinforcement is eagerly taken in the same spirit as toys and treats. They love soft fuzzy toys that they use to re-enact their fantasy hunts. As a note, real killing does not appeal to their forgiving and passive nature. Their favorite toys have little surprises inside or changing colors. But more often than not, they will develop a fascination with things that you consider scraps or junk. With a Pisces pet, the bottom line is that love, in any form, is the ultimate reward.


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