The pet's head constantly turns from one thing to another, eager to take everything in. Their big, deep eyes are unusually bright - filled with intense curiosity - and their ears are sensitive to loud noises and raised voices. Their limber, flexible body tends to be long and lean. They have quick reflexes and never rest for more than a moment in the same spot.

Gemini pets are easily amused and just as easily bored. Noisy and boisterous, this pet learns quickly how to communicate with you in a way that makes you respond to their every whim. They show their affection by speaking to you frequently and taking an active interest in whatever you are doing. These animals don't like to be left alone and thrive on companionship - either animal or human. They're often fascinated with television so it's a good idea to leave it or when you leave the house. Gemini pets adore new situations and lots of activities. Little active dynamos, they need constant stimulation to satisfy their their never ending curiosity. Small shiny things attract and hold their attention as does anything that make unusual noises. They take great delight in airborne activities and can be found jumping, soaring, or otherwise perplexing themselves into the air as often as possible. These charming pets do well in any environment where there is a constant flow of humans. They're very interested in the world around them and can often be found in next door or perched in a window. They adore toys, especially noisy or moving toys. Don't be surprised if your fingers are included as a favorite toy. They nibble instead of sitting down for a meal. These pets don't believe that they are not human and expect the same indulgences as the people in the house.

A Gemini pet is fond of fresh air and sunshine. While young, they're extremely noisy and playful. Exercising their vocal chords for no apparent reason is a distinguishing characteristic. They need exercise in small bursts instead of one long session since their attention span is so short. This pet craves stimulation. Rough and tumble games, new and unusual toys and anything that allows them to test their reflexes and stretch their muscles have a special appeal. Rubbing them around their paws and mouth is especially appealing.

The family of a Gemini cat should be active and social. These pets are better with older children than very small children because of their high energy level and quick responses. You'll find they are a great source of family entertainment because of their clown like antics and acrobatic feats.

Gemini's usually need more than one warning abound what is and isn't acceptable because they are forgetful. They tend to be hyperactive and can easily become over excited by too much activity or too many people in a room. It's important to keep an eye on your Gemini because it may be necessary to temporarily remove it from a source of stimulation for it to have a lasting effect.

Treat Time:
Taking them for scenic walks is an ideal treat for a Gemini. They take great delight from sight-seeing and are often fond of traveling by car. Gemini's tend to view routine visits to the groomer or the vet as extended play time so be prepared for some interesting antics on these outings.


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