Capricorn pets are a delight because of their subtle sense of humor. But they're picky about their surroundings and greatly dislike change!

This pet can be identified by their dignified bearing and cautious manner. While young, they tend to be smaller than other signs of the same breed. As they age, they become more robust and their size becomes more typical of their breed.

Capricorn pets will initiate activity with an air of authority. They move deliberately and with great purpose. Their most striking feature is their bearing. They have a quality that appeals to certain, laid-back types of human personalities. Not given to excess of any sort, even their investigation of you is measured. You end up feeling as if you should be asking permission to be in the same room. They tend to walk with their head down so they stare at you from the bottom up, examining you very carefully before coming close. They will actively approach you but they stop short and wait for an extended hand or some other sign before continuing with any outward sign of affection. The young Capricorn pet will establish it's place on the chain of command very early. They want to be "top dog" or "top cat" - but they recognize the differences between humans and animals. They immediately begin differentiating between members of each group and try to establish as secure a position as possible. They develop routines to suit you and will rarely veer from what is expected from them. In their own subtle way they let you know that it's time for something that is regularly scheduled. When approaching a door, they will stop and wait for you to open it for them and clearly indicate whether it's okay for them to enter first. This is a leader's prerogative and if you give them the go ahead too often, you may have to work hard to re-establish your position.

These are not the most playful pets. Instead, they're earnest, reward-oriented pets who know the value of obedience, security, and a loving family. When they do play, they're quick to rebuff others who don't respect the rules of the game! This is not an animal that intends to remain in a weak position forever. They prefer to master routines and behaviors that win praise and a secure position.

The family of a Capricorn pet should be small and mature. As a rule, they only take to one person and treat everyone else with a bored indifference. They're not aggressive but they have very little tolerance for teasing or other forms of horseplay that one would expect from other animals or small children. They will quickly stop this unwelcome behavior. They are most comfortable with older, organized people and will gravitate to them since the lack of an understandable structure makes them tense and irritable. They do well in the city or apartment because they prefer small, manageable areas that are easier to guard. These pets are loners who don't mind periodic solitude and who have no desire to share their space or their owners with other animals.

A Capricorn pet is usually the poster child for self discipline, so any discipline you need to dispense should be given in a supportive, loving way. They take harsh words as a personal rebuff and can easily become more emotionally insecure than you would expect from a pet. They're very clever and learn early how to get humans to do what they want so it's important to recognize the need for early training and a positive reward system. While they very much want to please their owners, they're also determined to have their wants and needs satisfied in a timely manner. Don't be too surprised if you get the feeling that your Capricorn pet is training you as much as you are training them.

Treat Time:
To be given a special place to sit and to be regarded as a member of the family works wonders. Be warned though - once you allow them a place, you'll never get it back, so choose wisely. They particularly enjoy biting on hard noisy things. They like treats but only in small amounts. They enjoy taking long, slow walks and prefer a regular traveling routine rather than a varied one. Rubbing their nose and the bony parts of their legs is especially pleasing to them.


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