You can identify these pets by their easy going involvement with groups and their friendly, outgoing manner!

There is something unusual, but subtle, that sets these pets apart. Their eyes are clear and seem to look past you at something in the distance. There is an endearing clumsiness to their movements that shows up periodically. Their mannerisms are ever-so-slightly "off" as if their brains and bodies were not on the same wavelength.

Most of the time, they prefer the company of many animals and people. But with typical unpredictability, they will break from the herd to go it alone for a while. These are unusual pets that never give any warning before they begin acting on a new impulse. They're very bright and enjoy doing things that other pets wouldn't dream of, such as riding on the back of a motorcycle with their owner. If your pet is a bundle of unpredictable energy, he/she is probably an Aquarius. The one thing they don't care for is being hampered by physical restrictions, such as being required to stay close to any one individual or location for long periods of time. They must, above all else, have freedom of movement to be happy. When they're young, they're very fond of family and strangers, both animals and human. They'll spend much of their time engaging in group activities and exploring the world around them. They have an intense curiosity that delights in "what would happen if" tests. This often leads them into more than one unusual predicament that becomes part of family lore. It usually only takes one unpleasant incident fort hem to realize that what they've done wasn't a good idea - they seldom make the same mistake twice. This won't, however, stop them from finding and pursuing another unusual activity or experiment. They're explorations and experimenting continue well into adulthood - with a slightly more cautious approach as they grow older but no less curious. They have a friendly and open disposition and their enthusiasm for meeting new people makes them popular with everyone that they meet.

The size of the family really doesn't matter as much as the interaction between household members and other pets. Less affectionate and more detached than other pets, they prefer noisy, active families. They love to "people watch" and entertain themselves for hours watching humans being themselves. They are terrific city pets because they enjoy the chaos of the city and the constant exposure to new sights and sounds. However, they do need a certain sense of space since they tend to get claustrophobic if there are too many people in the room.

When disciplining an Aquarius pet, you need to keep two things in mind. The first is that they are very rebellious and will frequently do the opposite of what is expected if they're bored with the routine. The second is that they are much brighter than we've given them credit for. Most people don't realize this until it's too late and they've been the victim of an animal version of Dennis the Menace! Be firm and handle them as if they were as intelligent as you are. When that doesn't work and you've reached your wit's end, keep in mind that you selected this pet. If you keep them occupied, challenged, and interested - and that's a tall order - you shouldn't have to discipline them often.

Treat Time:
Watching humans is always a big treat for an Aquarius pet. In fact, it's one of their favorite things to do - along with playing pranks on you! This is a precocious pet that is long on creativity and short on tolerance for boredom. Your Aquarius always finds something to keep himself/herself amused. These pets have no great love of any one particular reward so making them happy means you have to be creative, too. Mechanically operated toys delight them and offer them a safe way of satisfying they're unending curiosity. Playing with groups of other animals and humans is also a favorite pastime. Gently scratching them inside their joints and rubbing them along their sides also works very well.


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