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    16/10/2001Original Fly Away Released

    Today, Michael Jackson's 1987 album Bad was reissued. The special limited edition includes the original version of the song Fly Away, which was cut from the album. Rebbie recorded the song with Michael on backing vocals for her 1998 album Yours Faithfully!

    Michael Jackson - Bad (Special Edition)

    Source:Michael Jackson Online

    12/10/2001 Rebbie Signs With 3Ci

    Rebbie has recently signed with 3Ci, a Northwestern Talent agency, for the purpose of producing a tribute show to the Jackson Family for the Casino and Broadway market. More information as it becomes available.

    Source: 3Ci

    01/10/2001 Rebbie Performs MGM

    Rebbie will perform once again at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on October 5 & 6. Janet is also performing in Las Vegas on those dates.

    Source: Neon Entertainment Guide

    29/05/2001 Happy Birthday!

    Jacksonlovers R Us wishes Rebbie a very very Happy Birthday!