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    01/02/00 Marlon Profile Up!

    The Marlon profile is up now at the official MBC website!

    Marlon Jackson brings more to MBC Network than just celebrity status. As President and COO, Jackson offers a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry as well as sound management skills. Unknown to the fans of the famed member of the Jackson Family dynasty is his organization and involvement in currency transactions with foreign countries and various loan transactions and financial instruments.

    Jackson also served on the Board of Directors of U.S.A. for America, monitoring the disbursement of $100 million in funds raised for medicine, food and other emergency items delivered to Ethiopia's hungry. Not only did Jackson appropriate the routing of funds to various agencies, but he often participated in the distribution and delivery of goods and services. Continuing his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts, Jackson and his wife, Carol, established the Direct Community Assistance Program more than 20 years ago. Once a week his family prepares and distributes meals to the homeless in San Diego's downtown district.

    Jackson is also noted for his participation in Japan's NIPPON 24-Hour Telethon, raising funds for worldwide hunger and for playing an intricate part in Hands Across America, which raised over $40 million to feed, clothe and shelter America's homeless.

    Selling over I00 million records as a part of the famed Jackson Five, Marlon has created and produced numerous videos and television projects including the animated cartoon series, "Kid Koolin & the Crew".

    Source: MBC Network

    01/01/00 MBC Official Website!

    Check out the new official MBC network website at MBCNetwork.Com!

    Source: MBC Network