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  • Aftonbladet Puls - April 2001!

    [Note: Loosely Translated From Swedish]

    Martin Gelin and Janet talked about pretty much everything.

    But is it neccessary? She says that her "special friends" drops by her house to "take care of her", if she needs it.

    Martin Gelin met the big little sister Janet Jackson.

    Just like the opening scene of "The Nutty Proffesor" Janet only needs to open her mouth to spread sunlight over the room. She has the world's whitest teeth and when she smiles she shines; mostly her eyes. She is much prettier in reality than on TV; she is almost like a doll. Almost unreal. But now she is sitting in a room like an ordianry nice girl. She talks very gently.

    - You want gum? she says. She is a bit upset because her favourite gum can't be found in Sweden; Dental Ice. It is not very healthy for your teeth. [....]

    - The whole album is much happier than the last one, 'The Velvet Rope', the most personal album I have ever done.

    On her new album Janet sings more soul and pop R&B. And Janetīs voice sounds like it comes from another planet.

    - Your voice is very special, how does it really sound?

    - Mmm. What would you like to hear??

    - Maybe 'Ooh Child'? Or maybe 'Truth'!?

    - Ok, i like that one. How does it go now... Janet closes her eyes and starts singing... ”Ooh child, things are gonna get easier, ooh child, things will get brighter”...

    And I swear she can sing. She has a bit darker voice; a little more soul. [....]

    - Which song is the most personal you have ever written??

    - You.

    - How do you feel about the old songs that you wrote together with Rene, Like 'That's the way love goes'?

    - Nothing has changed. I still love them and I still listen to them, even thought I donīt listen so much of my own music.

    - So many strange things are being written. I donīt read what they write about me anymore. I canīt talk about rene now because of some legal stuff...

    - Have you ever been unfaithful??

    - No. Never. Is it ok to be that?

    - It can be if you have that kind of relationship, but I havenīt tried it. On your last album you sang about doing "it" with another woman.

    - Yes, in 'Tonightīs the night'. I donīt have any experience with it, but I believe that all girls fantasize about it. It is a part of growing up and finding out who you are.

    - I havenīt found any girl that I would like to do "it" with. But when I do I will call you and tell you all about it!

    - Your New Yearīs resolution was to become more spiritual, howīs that coming along?

    - Itīs going.. But you know how New Year's resolutions' are... They never get the way you want them to be... I go to church more though.

    - Do you long for children!?

    - Yes, but not right now... [...]

    When she was 18 she starred in Fame. She fell in love with James DeBarge and they got married. Her parents found that out by reading it in the newspaper the next day. They divorced a year later and she blamed her parents for it. Her first two albums flopped.... It was with 'control' she recieved some respect. It was then she started to be called "Janet", and not "Michael Jacksonīs little sister". [....]

    - Which was the lastest album you bought?

    - Jill Scott's. She has an incredible voice! [....]

    - I have 4 best friends, All girls... Then i have friends that i call when I really 'need' someone to hold me....

    - I donīt have a boyfriend now, Iīm enjoying being single.... Iīm dating.... I think a relationship should be 50-50. Give and take... I love being single.

    - You want freedom?


    - How about Q-Tip?

    - We are just friends, very good friends, we never "met" like that. [...]

    - Do you like how you look?

    - If you ask any girl she will tell you something that she doesnīt like about her. My hips are to wide, thighs are too big. Sometimes Iīm skinny and sometimes Iīm fat. What bothers me most are my thighs and butt. Then I think my face is too round. It doesnīt matter how many people tell me Iīm pretty. I still feel like this...When i see pretty lady I look at her butt and think "I must train!". [....]

    - Have you ever been in love with a fat man???

    - Well, he wasnīt really fat... But when i went to high school i had a huge crush on a boy called Patrick. He was big and chubby and he wore glases, and he had ticks so his head was shaking all the time.. But I dinīt mind, I really liked him, but I never dared to tell him.

    Janet laughs....