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  • Janet Videography!

    Videos from other artists which Janet are in have also been included in this section!

    Dream Street

    This video first appeared on an episode of Fame!

    What Have You Done For Me Lately

    This video was choreographed by Paula Abdul, who also is featured as one for Janet's friends. Directed by Brian Jones and Pierce Ashworth.


    Once again, this video was choreographed by Paula Abdul. Paula plays one of Janet's friends. Directed by Mary Lambert.

    When I Think Of You

    Janet's nephews Taj and Taryll are in this video, choreographed by Paula Abdul. Directed by Julian Temple.


    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are in this video. Directed by Mary Lambert.

    Let's Wait Awhile

    Very romantic video set in an urban mood! Directed by Dominic Sena.

    The Pleasure Principle

    One of Janet's best videos. It shows her dancing to the song, without any backup or special effects. Just Janet and her talent! Directed by Dominic Sena.

    The Jacksons - 2300 Jackson Street

    This video stars the whole family with the exception of Marlon and Latoya.

    Miss You Much

    This video has incredible choreography and features the chair scenes which has become quite popular. Directed by Dominic Sena.

    Rhythm Nation

    One of Janet's best videos! Awsome dancing! Directed by Dominic Sena.


    Janet on an Escapade with a few friends! Directed by Peter Smillie.


    Cyd Charisse and Heavy D are in this video, directed by Julian Temple.

    Come Back To Me

    Janet and Rene is Paris. Directed by Dominic Sena.

    Black Cat

    Taped as a live performance of Black Cat. Directed by Wayne Isham.

    Love Will Never Do (Without You)

    Antonio Sabato Jr. is in this video. It was directed by fashion photographer Herb Ritts.

    That's The Way Love Goes

    Janet plays her new single for her friends. Also stars Jennifer Lopez. Directed by Rene Elizondo.


    If was directed by Dominic Sena and has a slight asian theme, in addition to great dance moves.


    Again shows Janet's creative side. It was directed by Rene Elizondo.

    Because Of Love

    This video is a compilation of footage from the Janet. Tour

    Any Time, Any Place

    A great video which shows Janet's sensual side.

    What'll I Do

    This video is the the Janet tour performance of What'll I Do.

    You Want This

    You Want This is set in the desert and has an intro with all of the kids.

    Whoops Now

    This video is a compilation if vacation footage.

    Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson - Scream

    Michael and Janet kicks ass in the most expensive video ever made. Directed by Mark Romanek.


    A great special effects video, which shows Janet in different countries and by many famous sights.

    Twenty Foreplay

    Janet as her idol Dorothy Dandridge.

    Got 'Til It's Gone

    Got 'Til It's Gone, directed by Mark Romanek, won the category "Most stylish video" at the 1998 VH1 Fashion awards. Rapper Q-Tip also stars.

    Together Again

    Janet on the serengeti! This video was directed by Seb Janiak, and features several wild animals, including two of brother Michael's giraffes.

    Together Again (Deeper Remix)

    René Elizondo directed this video for the remix of Together Again.

    I Get Lonely

    Directed by Paul Hunter.

    I Get Lonely (TNT Remix) Feat. Blackstreet

    This video is for the remix of I Get Lonely, which features Blackstreet. It's the same as the original, directed by Paul Hunter, except for the fact the it stars Blackstreet as well.


    This video is footage from the TVR tour. Part of it ran as an advertisement for the HBO special.

    Go Deep

    Janet shows up at a fan's house! The video was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

    Every Time

    This video was mainly directed by Matthew Rolston, except for the underwater scenes which were done by Howard Schatz.

    Blackstreet/Janet - Girlfriend/Boyfriend

    This video is a pinball game with cool special effects.

    Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be!?!

    The special effects for this video holds the record for being the most expensive ever!

    Doesn't Really Matter

    This video includes snippets from the Klumps movie.

    All 4 You

    The first video from the new album shows a night on the town, Janet on the beach and on the train. It was directed by David Meyers

    Someone To Call My Lover (R&B Version)

    The R&B version of this video shows Janet in a car and then in a club dancing and singing.

    Someone To Call My Lover (Remix Version)

    This version of STCML video is for the remix featuring JD.

    Son Of A Gun (Original Flyte Tyme Remix)

    This video, shot in LA, features Missy Elliott.