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  • ABC PrimeTime Live - May 2001!

    All for Janet - Jackson Taps an Inner Strength

    If there's something different you hear on Janet Jackson's new album, All For You, there's a reason.

    Moving on From Divorce The Jackson Family Rumors of Bisexuality Sensual Songs

    "I think it's the change in my life," Jackson tells ABCNEWS' Diane Sawyer. "I really do." Jackson, 34, is going through a divorce from her second husband; they were married for eight years. And, she says, her fresh outlook and life changes are reflected in her new music and video.

    "Now that I'm by myself, it's like taking the blindfold off," she says. "I have gone through my ups and downs and I am in a completely different space. I feel a sense of freedom."

    Moving on From Divorce

    Whereas Jackson had focused on pleasing others in the past, she says now that she knows her own rules.

    "That's the most important thing: feeling good about myself and getting to a space where I am in control of that situation," she says. Jackson performed at the MTV Icon Awards in March.

    Jackson's estranged husband, Rene Elizondo Jr., is suing her for $10 million, claiming he's entitled to assets and property they acquired together. But she says she still loves him: "I am not in love with him, but I still love him. And he'll always hold a special place in my heart."

    The lawsuit, however, leaves her with doubts about their relationship.

    "Was there an agenda from day one? …Was the love truly there?" she asks. "I don't like to think about that because it hurts … It makes me very fearful of who you let in in your inner circle."

    Jackson, who has 26 nieces and nephews but no children of her own, says having kids has "definitely crossed my mind" — ironically, more so now that she is not married.

    "That's kind of backwards, huh?" she tells Sawyer. "If it's God's will, then I guess it will just happen … I'm not opposed to being a single parent. I don't know if I will even get married again."

    The Jackson Family

    As for the rest of her famous family, Jackson says, "We don't talk as often as we used to and I miss them very much."

    "My family is very different," she says, looking back on her upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness. "We had nothing that truly brought us together as a family… Thanksgiving, Easter dinner, we never had that. We didn't grow up celebrating birthdays or celebrating Christmas because of the religion. None of that."

    Today she appreciates the fact that family members are there for one another whenever the need arises. She says her mother is "the magnet" of the family and now, for the first time, she is really getting to know her father, Joe, who she has described in the past as distant and overbearing.

    "I think the older he is getting, he is realizing how important family is," she says of her dad. "A lot of things that he did, really, was to make a better way for us. And he did it the best way he knew how."

    Her brother Michael, she says, "is so content. He really is. And a great father, a wonderful father."

    Rumors of Bisexuality

    Addressing rumors in the press that she may be bisexual, Jackson says, "It just goes in one ear and out the other … It's none of their business honestly."

    Such gossip, "is not new for me … I have been linked with so many of my friends … I have heard about threesomes."

    Speculation perhaps stems from how close she is with her dancers. "We act like kids and we are very affectionate," she says. "We will all crawl in the bed and watch a movie together."

    Sensual Songs

    With her new album, All For You, Jackson says she's giving her fans "My all. My heart. And what I am really feeling inside. And my happiness."

    She's also giving her fans what she calls "baby-making songs."

    "A lot of people come to me and say, 'Oh, our child was conceived listening to your music.' I say, 'Oh, really? Which song?' And it's always the very sensual songs. So I call it the baby-making songs. I have always had them."

    Her mother, she says, may not like some of the more sensual lyrics, but that's OK, says Jackson. She may be the baby girl of the Jackson clan, but she is still her own woman — more so now than ever.

    "It's a way of expressing myself," she says. "It's how I feel."