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  • The Detroit News - Wendy Case - July 30 2001 !

    Just call her Janet - Jackson sister graduates to one-name status

    At some point over the last few years, Janet Jackson's famous last name became superfluous. The music star had become such a cultural icon that simply "Janet" would suffice.

    Now 35 years old, the youngest Jackson has released her eighth album, All For You, to critical and commercial acclaim (it reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 where it has remained in the top 20 for 12 weeks). And on Monday and Tuesday, she will bring her live show to the Palace of Auburn Hills. The ticket prices alone ($77.75-$34.75) trumpet her status within the industry. "She's huge, she's it," says Janet "G."

    Gilmer, interim operations manager for WJLB-FM (97.9) and programing director for WMXD-FM (92.3), both in Detroit. "Janet is Janet. Whether it's a pop tune or something that's really funky and urban, she's not afraid to be creative and express herself. She's not limited in sound or appeal -- and that's what's special about her." As she did last time around for The Velvet Rope Tour, Janet has alluded to the fact that this could be her last full-scale tour. But as usual, she's pulling out all the stops in the physically taxing live show that includes kabuki-esque costuming, sexually expressive choreography (a theme in "All For You") and, of course, major dance numbers.

    "We're keeping some of the old stuff, and (we) reworked some stuff. Then there's some completely new stuff from beginning to end," Janet told MTV's John Norris recently, adding that the physical demands of the show require extra planning and hours of pre-tour training in the gym.

    "In the beginning, you're so excited, so gung-ho that you have to pace yourself," she told Norris. "You wind up giving so much of yourself. One of the tours, I found myself backstage going, 'Oh, my God, we're only at "Black Cat" and I've got half the show to go!' I needed to sit down, and I couldn't. I had to run right back out. But you find the energy."

    Though her new album is a hit and Janet's star continues to shine, she remains humble about her accomplishments. "Just because you make records for so many years and people have enjoyed what you've done, it doesn't mean it's going to happen again," she told Blender magazine in a recent cover story. "You just don't know what tomorrow holds."