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  • B96 Radio - Chicago - April 2001!

    Jobo: Im excited about the upcoming tour are you going to do the whole U.S.

    JANET: yes, this time we start in the U.S last time we started in Europe.

    Eddie: You have the best concerts are you ready for a blowout extravaganza like the other times?

    JANET: Well,it will be a completely different show I hope you guys will enjoy it, and actually everyone is at home rehearsing now except for the band, I still dont have a band yet, I have to audition some bands, and its two months of rehearsal and we start on July 5.

    Eddie: Now Janet I see it says on the liner notes I Love You Puffy, now do you mean puff daddy or Puff your dog.

    JANET: My dog, she passed away. Jobo: I am so sorry to hear that.

    JANET: yeah, and I keep hearing people say oh your really trying to stick it to Jennifer and I am like they're not even together anymore and why would I do that? For what reason?

    Eddie: It says in the tabloids that Puff Daddy propositioned you one week.

    JANET: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, you guys, Puff..... Oh Jesus lol, they probably got that from the Vibe article and they were asking me and I just came out and told them that he invited me to his beach house a few times and they were like you must didn't want to go because I am sure you had something all white in your wardrobe and I was like well, it was for the weekend and it just goes on and on from there.

    Eddie: Janet, we know it must be tough doing interviews and we thank you because the Jackson family is like the Kennedys in this country, lol, always in the spotlight

    JANET: yes defintly always under a microscope and its hard at times because just because you are a worldwide star doesnt mean your life is a open book, what you choose to tell you should be ok and what you dont, you dont.

    Eddie: Do you mind if I ask some personal questions and if I get too personal just tell me.

    JANET: Be careful now, lol

    Eddie: your new CD seems to be about the liberation of ending a bad marriage and of course you had Rene, tell us what happened.

    JANET: Boy did I have Rene, lol, we were together for 13 years and their is a song I did called "Truth" which is about my relationship with Rene.

    Eddie: you called him a greedy MF, lol

    JANET: No thats what you said I called him, I didnt say that.

    Jobo: Latoya came out and spread that you guys were married in 96 I believe and you denied it.

    JANET: yes, I denied it and first of all she never knew, she is not one of the people I told and I just think she was going through some things with her husband at the time and, well its not for me to say but I denied it because I wanted a normal relationship and some people say I wonder how much this will last and who needs that?

    PART 2

    Eddie: ok, Im at the Ritz Carlton hotel and Janet is sitting on a blue silk couch and she is such a sweetheart.

    Eddie: Is the split going good because we have all heard some nasty things like he is going to write a book about you if yoy dont pay him 18 million dollars, is that true?

    JANET: I've heard those things too, I've heard that too, well we dont speak anymore and thats sad because we were best friends before we were lovers and thats what he chose, he chose not to be friends anymore and it's weird.

    Jobo: You are dating now? Do you believe in love at first site?

    JANET: yes and the only two people I ever dated I wound up marrying because I was Jehovahs Witness and you dont even date unless marriage in in the plans. Dating is very new to me.

    Eddie: Who was your last date with?

    ...more coming.