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  • Aftonbladet - July 14 2000 !

    Janet Jackson talks about her movie-comeback and the future

    After 8 years Janet Jackson is making a movie-comeback. And now she wants children.

    - It's time now, I'm only getting older, she says.

    She doesn't reveal if she has any father in mind though, when Aftonbladet meets her in a Beverly Hills Hotel. She declines to comment on her broken marriage to Rene Elizondo, but concludes:

    - A lot of positive things has been happening in my life lately.

    Newly divorced Janet is there to promote her comeback in 'The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, in which she stars opposite Eddie Murphy.

    - He was the reason I took this part. I've always admired him, she says.

    Janet is tanned, has a carefully applied make-up and is in a very good mood.

    - Oh, it only took 30 minutes to do my make-up, she answers when asked to compare the time it takes to apply her makeup with the 4 or 5 hours it took for Eddie in the movie. (Eddie plays 6 parts in the movie)

    Immediately after she turns to the director and askes with incertainty:

    - That's not a lot, is it?

    Janet Jackson was in the middle of working on her new album when she got the part. It was only a week prior to shooting that she got the offer. That means that she had to give music a break for a few months.

    Wants To Act More

    She can't completely keep away though. She has contributed one of the tracks, Doesn't Really Matter to the soundtrack. The song is now rapidly moving up the charts all over Europe. But a tour isn't on her agenda until next year.

    - Right now I'm going to ausition for some more movies. And I want become a mother. I really feel that now.