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  • JRU Disclaimer!
    I made this page because I don't feel like clogging up the main page with rules and regulations, but I still want everybody to know what this site stands for and how it came about.

    I have loved the Jackson family my whole life, their inpact has been great and their inspiration endless. Not a day goes by without me watching or listening to their songs and videos. That's why I decided to do this site. That, and because I noticed that there's not a lot of accurate information about the family, with the exception of Janet and Michael. I want fans to become more familiar with their work.

    Anyway, this is the way it goes down:


    I will not discriminate any member of the Jackson family or any visitor and I will not allow anyone else to do it on this site. If you do not accept this then kindly leave and let others enjoy it.
    Here we are all a part of the Rhythm Nation!


    On my news page, I will report everything written about the Jackson family that I can get my hands on.
    That does not mean that I agree with what is written.
    I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the articles and news and I cannot confirm the news. Know that a lot of it are only rumors. However, when the news are official and confirmed it will say so. I do this, not to in any way support tabloids, but to show different sides of stories and let you know how you can contact either authors or papers who are unfair. Because of this there will often be more than one article on a subject.
    Use your common sense and you'll be alright! ;-)


    I give credit when and where credit is due, but if something is submitted and emailed to me (which most things are, whether it's news or pics), I do not always know where it came from. Therefore, if you see something here that you feel you should be credited for, please let me know. I can't correct something I don't know about.
    If I have a link to something that's not mine, it will say so.


    I do not put copyrights marks or logos on the pictures on this site, because 1. In most cases, even though I may have scanned a picture, I most likely did not take it and that means I do not own the rights to it and 2. I feel that pictures should be shared by the fans. I do not believe in Exclusives. I think everybody should have access to the pictures that are available. Therefore, if someone wants to borrow a picture from this site, be my guest. I would love a link back, but I'll leave that up to you.

    This site is owned and copyrighted by Caroline Nilsson 1999-2001. It is hosted by Spree Com.


    This site has no official affiliation with the Jackson Family, Virgin Records, Modern Records, A&M Records, Sony/Epic Records or any other records company or label. It has no affiliation with Futurist Entertainment or any other entertainment company.

    The name "Jacksonlovers R Us" or "JRU" is stricly a nickname for this site and has no affiliation with the company "Toys R Us". The name is not used for a profit and does not, as the rest of this site, intend to infringe on any copyrights.

    I hope you will enjoy this site! Thanx for visiting!

    Much Love/Caroline - The Webmistress


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