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Why eat?
Why eat?

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Breatharianism is about having the choice whether to eat or not eat.
Most people demand that a 'true breatharian' would never eat or
drink no matter what. If so, then let us allow the name 'breatharian'
to define such a person. However, what can be more enjoyable is
to have the choices. To never hunger or starve when food is not
around, to never feel dependency or attachment to food, and to
have found what is there once food is no longer in the way of our
perception and focus. But to still have the choices to enjoy food
taste, and to in no ways stop living or limit oneself. This is what
breatharianism should be about. True happiness, and a full freedom
of choices. To feel fully alive, safe, independent, and happy.
At all times, whether there is food or not. Life is so much more than
what food lets us see.

Why eat?
Then what makes people eat? Having thought about this, I found several reasons or categories to define the various causes that make a person eat. See more on the page about hunger. People, it seems, eat mainly due to reasons that are not based on an actual physical need of nutrients. This is why we have a huge amount of eating health damaging foods, foods such as drugs, white sugar, alcohol, white bread, and actually even vegetables or fruit is usually eaten without there being an actual demand of its nutrients by the body!

But isn't eating about pleasure and food sensations? Yes, it seems to for most people. Very very few eaters consider nutrient needs, or even the effects their foods have on their bodies. However, what makes a person feel pleasure from eating foods that give cancer, headache, colds, nausea, kidney stones etc etc? My answer is that we are drawn to foods that give us physical suffering that equals our emotional - and unknown - suffering. We are drawn to the foods that make us feel the same pains that we have within. This is why people who are open to themselves, loving and accepting and alert of their emotions and personality, usually notice a disappearing pleasure from eating foods that truly are - damaging!

Why not eat?
Then, why should a person not eat? It is not always a matter of choice. I, for instance, never sat down to think "Should I eat or should I not eat?" I started growing increasinly sensitive to foods, and by obvious reasons did not want to keep eating foods that made me uncomfortable. Hunger vanished, and I even started to lose sensations of pleasure from food. It just came to be, and this is the case for a number of people. It becomes a natural, normal part of life, none more peculiar than the eating is for the eating person!

But there are people who choose to live without eating, who want to acchieve it and do so with effort or by working on the subject either physically, emotionally, spiritually or in other ways.

Anything that can be found in foods, can be found even within the person. Just like some people really need a lot of money or to keep buying material items just to feel comfortable, and then we have people who do not feel the need of a lot of things but who feel the very same comfort and security. Money or no money, items or no items, food or no food. Some people need physical objects and physical occurences to acchieve a state of being which can just as well be acchieved without the physical counterpart. An example is that you can give a person a gift which is a physical item that is made to symbolise "gift", whereas you could also tell the person a friendly greeting or giving the non-physical form of a gift, and acchieve the same result in the person. Some people demand physical things, whereas other people are just as happy with the things that physical items symbolise. And it works.