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The Universal
Consciousness of the Universal

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Universal means that which applies for everyone and everything - in another word: truth. The real truth. That which is true even if we believe differently, or even if we are totally unaware of the truth. A truth which goes beyond a limited perception or misbelief. In order to find this truth, we need to go beyond our own perception and tune in with the one great consciousness which contains all things that exist.

Become universally aware
Close your eyes. You are unable to see your surroundings. But you know what it looks like from before. Now, what if you had never been able to see? What would be there? Human eye sight is not complete, it only shows you part of the entire world. What does the world around you look like, really?

Now, remember what an area where you've been before looks like. It still looks the same, even if you aren't there to see it.

Imagine all the sounds, colors, shapes etc, which are there around you even if you can't see them! If you think about these things, in time you realize how to go beyond your human perception and become able to perceive any part of the universal reality there is. You remain the same you, but can by choice "tune in" to anything and learn about it. This sort of consciousness activates the body's energy centres, chakras, and makes the DNA magnetic and able to manifest itself without the need for food. Breatharianism becomes an obvious way to be!

With this ability to see things beyond the average perception, you become telepathic, can remotely view, among other forms of perception. But the value of it right now, is its application to breatharianism! You will find out exactly why, and how, breatharianism works. You will find this light that nourishes us, find your body's energy channels and -systems, see inside your cells, look at food compounds and their impact on you on various levels. For the perceptive conscious one, breatharianism becomes the most obvious way of life.