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Unconditional love
Unconditional Love
- that which helps you find yourself in others

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Unconditional love means to love others for what they are, without judging them by your own requirements of who deserves your love and who doesn't. What does this have to do with breatharianism? Quite a lot.

The Heart Chakra
Apart from the seven main chakras (Chakras down on the page) we have other chakras as well. One of these is the pink chakra. Slightly smaller in size than the seven main ones, it lies next to the fourth, green, heart chakra, slightly below it in the chest. Chakras are activated by consciousness. Consciousness of unconditional love activates the pink love chakra.

Chakras are vital for our body. They are the non-physical organs, as irreplacible as any of our organs that we can see. Chakras support body parts and the entire body with vital life force, sort of like the heart supports the blood flow. Chakras also manifest nutrients when each are active to open the energy flow completely. One of the best examples of chakra nourishment manifestation is how chakras support the physical glands in our body, glands in turn manifesting hormones. To leave the pink chakra inactive is to miss out on a part of us. And perhaps living on light can't be accomplished without pink chakra active.

Breatharianism and pink chakra activation
Let me remind you of how I categorise breatharians into two types: they who live off light, and they who live off prana/sunlight/air/water. If we look at the auras of the ones who live off light. The aura is the emanation of a person's chakras and energy. These breatharians who live off light always have a strong glow of pink above their chest, indicating a strongly active pink chakra. In other words, the breatharian who lives off light is unconditionally loving, whether they are able to show this or not, they have discovered this aspect of the human nature which most of us have blocked.

Whether an active pink chakra/unconditional love is required prior to becoming a breatharian, or if it is opened after having become a breatharian, I would say that they go hand in hand, both are correct. There is no living off light without pink chakra active, and pink chakra activation moves the person closer to living off light.

The meaning of unconditional love
When you have discovered unconditional love, you understand the following:
I am a living, conscious entity, a beautiful life inside of me, and I love what I am.
Others are living, conscious entities, beautiful lives inside of their bodies, and I love what they are.
... But not only do you find the loveable beauty within yourself, and other people. You find love towards all people, even those who are least loved by others. You find love to animals. To plants. To all forms of life. And you feel equally loved yourself, because you know that the love you are feeling, is a part of the ocean of love that exists, you have a part as big as your pink heart chakra, and you know that all the love beyond yours, that exists, loves you too.

The power of unconditional love
Unconditional love is not a "primitive emotion". It is a dimension in your perception. We usually base our choices on whom to love on various requirements. The person has to be a certain way so that we love them. Unconditional love goes beyond our own limitations. We do not make excuses not to see the beauty of the life that exists in every persons body no matter what their body looks like or what these people choose to do with their lives. Nor is this love the same as being in love with someone, as that is something separate. Unconditional love can maybe not be put into words.

The power of it is that it allows you to expand your consciousness in a way which you can not reach without unconditional love. It enables you to see things objectively - without your own limitations. It allows you to find a true beauty and life in things. I don't think it can be explained in words. But finding the ability to love yourself and others without limitation, enriches the world and life with a warm, strong, powerful and life giving presence that never leaves you.

Other applications of unconditional love related to breatharianism
When people eat meat, they do not think of the origins of this food item. They may be told that it is the dead flesh of a formerly living being that was tortured for years and murdered so that a person gets a piece of damaging food material that isn't even meant for the human system. But few care about cows. Few care about themselves when they are told that meat is damaging.

I once looked into the eyes of a cow at a farm. This was after the impact of foods to my body had become obvious. I felt what the cow was thinking and feeling. It was such a true beauty. I don't see how torture, murder and dead body parts can nourish my body. When I think of the life cows have in their hearts, that is enough to make me feel nourished and alive. I claim that absolutely without doubt, no matter if people ever find a way to proove it or not, people will be more nourished by feeling love toward cows and animals than unconsciously unlovingly eating torture, murder and dead bodies.