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Reaching the Breatharian State
Reaching the Breatharian State

So how do you become a breatharian?
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Light, or Prana?

I categorise two types of breatharians. Please read about it at Two kinds of Breatharians if you haven't already. One type of breatharians live on light, the others survive on a combination of prana, sunlight and air. The main differences are that living on light is of a higher potential and makes the person reverse ageing and reach immortality. Whereas living on prana, sunlight and air may not stop ageing or be sufficient in all ways. But before you move along, think of the following:

* Your becoming a breatharian is within your responsibility. Since no other person who provides with information or guidance is responsible for the actions you choose, think before you act, and use your own distinction and intuitive guidance to determine what is right or wrong to you. And take care.
* And, decide which form of breatharianism is closer at hand. Read about the requirements of each on the page about
two kinds of Breatharians. Will your aim be to live on light, or to live on prana, sunlight and air?
* Be aware of the fact that the state of being an eater, and the breatharian state, differ, and becoming a breatharian will change things for you.
* Feel safe and don't worry. But be cautious to any risks.
* Please read relevant pages on this website to find out more of my explanations of breatharianism. Since this will be my guide towards the breatharian state, my explanation of the subject are relevant, useful, sometimes even very important. I especially urge you to read about light technology, consciousness, food choices, chakras and several more.

So, depending on if you want to live on light, or live on prana, sunlight and air, the way to get there will differ.

How to live on light

Living on Light - Living on Prana (page made soon)