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Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

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On this page I present frequently asked questions, or other questions and their answers that might be of interest. Here's what I had to say around June 2002

Questions about me, March 29
What do I eat and drink, how much, when and why? What/how much/when/why I eat varies greatly. These days I crave for some specific food item perhaps once every two weeks, and will eat the specific amount that I need, usually only a little bite, or half a mouthful if it is liquid. On top of that, I will eat for social reasons and choose the most comfortable of the given food alternatives. This perhaps once a week, more, or less. The reason is that I would otherwise have to specificly tell everyone that I do not want. Usually eating people will eat for social reasons and on these occasions not for hunger, such as I.

What keeps me alive and nourishes me? Me. I am life. I do not need to worry about the next moment, or about dying or starving in the next moment. All I have is here.

Am I a breatharian? Yes. I know that I live on light, and I feel it in each of my cells.

What do I tell people about this? I do not mention to people about my alternative eating and nourishment. It is not something anyone would usually ask. There is more to life than feeling worry over differences. When people are happy, that is all we need.

Why did I keep this a secret? I suppose I still do. Some of my family and friends know about this, but I do not go telling everyone about it. It is part of the personal. Like religion. Or as intimate as my heartbeat.

Why do I write a book about it, do seminars and make this webpage? To share with my information. There is lots to be known! What has happened to me is not unique. There are others out there. Information is needed for others for whom breatharianism has found its way into their lives, as well as for those who are in the 'world of foods'. People must talk to one another, understand one another, and learn that we are all the same, no matter our differences.

What is the best thing I think, about living on light? The freedom. Being so consciously in each moment. And so close to oneself! The world is so much brighter now, I feel there is more of me, and life is still all the good things it was before. Nothing was lost, but much was gained.

Are there any disadvantages of living on light? Absolutely none, for me.

Questions about living on light
How is it possible to live on light? It is. Light is all around, it is a material which is high in vibration beyond the range of vision that our eyes normally allow us to see. As according to light science (light science), white light contains all essential materials to form any elements. Manifesting the human body becomes a simple task, once the DNA-system is activated. This in turn requires consciousness, in other words, self knowledge, awareness...

Why can not everyone live on light? When food is no longer there, all of our physical and non-physical troubles will surface. Any health problem or emotional problem will become very clear. Those who can not work with this will give in to these problems and fears and not be able to reach the full consciousness that is required for activation of the light- and DNA-systems that are essential parts of breatharianism.