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February 2008
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Dear Readers,
Sorry for the long absence, and for the mess my website on breatharianism is in. I am a busy student but intend to return to re-create a new website when I can get a hold of the time. I am happy to inform all of you that I will be studying and working with light science professionally!

I wanted to write about a new personal breakthrough in my own investigations into living on light. Throughout the years that I have known of this fascinating subject and wanted to research into it more and apply some of it into my own life, one among the many questions I have had, has always been: what IS prana?

I am blessed with what I at least perceive to be extrasensory perception and am able to experience matter, molecules, atoms, and various forms of light on my own without the use of instruments. Early on I experienced what I refer to as "white light", and strongly felt that this is not the same as prana. Somehow, I always had a feeling that prana was golden colored. Of course, this is only how I prefer to use the words. The white light, and prana itself, are two different substances. I have recently become able to see prana, and am very pleased.

... I have always known that human perception is subjective and very limited. We only see a fraction of the real world we are in. For instance, many other species can hear sounds that lie outside the human range of hearing. And other species can see things that our eyes can not. To me, the human body is like living in a dark house with blackened windows, and we try to look out at the real world but are only aware of very little. Sometimes when I express this thought to other people, it upsets them. Some people can not imagine that humans would only perceive a fraction and interpretation of the world, nor why the world in reality would look different than how we see it. But just think of how each individual sees the world differently through their senses. Someone might be color blind and tell you that there are only a few colors in the world, but that is also not the case.

Prana is among the things that many people believe is an actual substance that exists in the real world, only, that humans can not perceive it. I looked at a field one day recently, covered with grass, and a line of trees to the far side, watching the way the trees sway in the gentle wind, the color of the sky, and the sun shining on the trees, and wondered what that field would look like if I were not here watching it? What does the field look like without me, on its own? Having some undeveloped remote viewing skills, I closed my eyes and gave it a try to see the field, from its perspective. It looked entirely different than how my human senses perceive it. To not have to fully describe it, what I saw included what I strongly suspect is prana itself.

Prana is golden yellow, and vibrates in air and matter. Sometimes I have suspected that prana would be the same as electrons, or related to them. Electrons are small particles that are part of matter and are also the same as what flows in electrical wires to make electricity. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you all that I have found prana and am able to perceive it.