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Nutrients are various forms of substances which nourish us, keeping us alive and functioning properly according to our genetic potential, and 'updating' our body, or replacing lost parts of us, so that we remain what we are meant to be.

Nutrients are what we want from food. We want either their ability of doing good in our body and being used up, or replacing lost cells and providing with new building material. I think it would be interesting for an aspiring breatharian to know more about these nourishing substances, even though it is possible to become a breatharian without any such knowledge. But it is most interesting to find ways to explain and prove why and how breatharianism is possible by replacing the source of nourishment from one to other. I categorize nutrients into the following groups according to their purpose:

1 Antioxidants
Some of which are vitamins A, C, E and selenium. Their main, or single, purpose is to protect our cells from damage caused by instable molecules which snatch electrons from our cells. Antioxidants provide with electrons of their own, sparing the ones of our cells. I once read that the main threat to anorectics is their electron deficiency and loss. Where do these electron stealing molecules come from? Our food.
An excellent book covering this topic and other related ones is Jean Carper's "Stop.aging now!" Now. As a breatharian no longer eats, we no longer have a blood stream filled with electron stealing molecules, and so we no longer even need the antioxidant nutrients!
2 Chakra or gland nutrients
These nutrients (one of which is iodine) supports a specific gland and the gland's hormone.production. However, I have found that when a chakra/energy center is active, it supports a number of organs and glands, and there is no longer the need for gland nutrients such as iodine. Consciousness is what awakens dormant chakras, and makes us less depending on food for our well-being and survival!
3 Building blocks
In this category I place the nutrients which are the building blocks that our body consists of. Some of these are: amino acids (the smaller compounds of protein) and calcium. I have yet not looked into how a breatharian manages without these. Will soon.
4 Remaining nutrients
Nutrients that don't fit into the other categories. Will look into these soon.

So you see that two categories of nutrients aren't even needed by a breatharian! If we eat our foods, it creates the need for further other types of chemical substances to neutralize the harmful effects of what we've eaten! By eating our harmful foods which the body isn't even asking for, such as bread, cooked meat, pasteurized milk etc, we raise our nutrient needs which are needed as a form of medicine. But, as people who tend to eat the normal Western foods don't eat enough functioning nutrients, we turn to doctor's and their drugs, and these do more harm and we age very rapidly. This is horrible, and people think it's normal.

To the left, a microscopic image of vitamin E. In an even smaller aspect, it consist of a combination of colors. (See Light Technology for more information about the color aspect of things.)

Did you know? Cats and dogs produce their own vitamin C in their bodies, whereas we are said to be depending on food as a source for vitamin C. But now we know that it is possible for vitamin C to be produced internally and independantly, in other species, but still!

Did you know? Humans have an internal and independent production of the important nutrient vitamin B12! It is produced in our intestine, although when science admits this, it is with a pessimistic voice as the person requires a "healthy intestine" for this to occur. And rather than encouraging people to get their intestines healthy, science finds it less fuss to tell people to take vitamin supplements. The lack of vitamin B12 is very common in older people, as well as vegans. The deficiency causes among other things Alzheimers.

A breatharian can rely on getting all nutrients needed from light. As light is the source of all creation, it contains the materials needed for manifesting any nutrient. This isn't some 'magical theory', I believe it to be correct and it will be found scientifically when we invent the appropriate research equipment and find the right conclusions.

All matter originates from light. Every type of substance has a color equivalent. Not the color that our eyes see, but the color in its energy. All matter has an energy of a specific wavelength, and each emanate both color and sound according to the wavelength. As various colors/substances combine, they form molecules, and in the end even more complex formations such as eg. nutrients.
Our food contains lots of various material, and after eating a food item, these materials are absorbed into our blood. No, our body does not only pick up needed nutrients! (Unfortunately not.) That's why we can get food poisoning, toxic blood stream, and various uncomfortable symptoms from having toxic materials in our blood that do harm to our body. But what makes us call some food materials nutrients, and not others, is that nutrients are those materials that can do good in our body.
Especially if we have already eaten, we may have some form of toxins in us that need another type of material in order to be neutralized. Our body does all it can to constantly keep getting rid of various toxins that don't belong in our body, but it may need - and most often DOES need - help from the nutrient materials found in foods.
So I claim that yes, an average person does need nutrients in order to neutralize the already existing toxins as long as the person still eats. And I also claim that once we no longer eat, we no longer even have the need for nutrients to neutralize the damaging toxins.