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Living on Light
Living on Light

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Please read more on my other pages for a deeper explanation and understanding. This is a brief guide.

Who can live on light? Everyone has within their innate potential to be a breatharian who lives on light. But there are requirements for reaching this state of nourishment.

What is this light? This nourishing light is the white light, the most complete energy of all. It contains a wavelength that is the origin of all other wavelengths which are a part of it.

How does this light nourish? Light contains all colors. Colors are the smallest, auric or color, aspects of all things. Nutrition that builds up our body is, too, colors. Light provides with the colors that build up the human body.

What is required to live on light? Two things: 1 Complete consciousness of yourself. You would have no denials, and all of your potentials would have been reached. This way, chakra system activates energy flow, and to this flow light is brought in, this light can nourish you. 2 An activated DNA, so that the light in you can be put to use. DNA pulls toward itself the required colors from the light, so that your body will be manifested at all times. DNA is activated when you know all about yourself without exception, and have a whole perception of yourself.

Why don't average people live on light? 1 They are in denial of aspects of themselves, this cuts off the energy flow. 2 They are unaware of the potentials they have yet to discover. This makes the energy flow remain blocked.

How to live on light

So you need two things: the absence of denials so that your energy flow is not blocked, and to have reached your potentials or know all about yourself to activate the DNA.

Work on any blockages in you: learn about the chakras and consciousness, as well as dream interpretation. Heal any pains. Explore who you are.

When you get there, your body automatically lives on light. That is all you need to do. Hunger will vanish, so will thirst. Your ageing will reverse and stop. You will live on light, light that now flows in your body system and is broken down into colors and matter to manifest your body. Perhaps it sounds simple, and really, it is all there is to it.

Don't simply stop eating. Since you are exploring yourself, explore your food choices and eating habits also. Don't make breatharianism your goal, make your goal to find yourself and reach consciousness. That way your focus is on the right thing - YOU - and only that way will breatharianism on light be activated in your body. Only stop eating when hunger vanishes.

This page will be frequently updated. This is still preliminary.