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The nourishing light The nourishing light
- Light Technology

When reading in various sources about breatharianism, different sources for breatharian nourishment are mentioned; sunlight, prana, air. But I believe the nourishment to be LIGHT.

This light exists everywhere. It surrounds you, is within you, and it is what everything, including you, consists of. Therefore it is also what nourishes you.

Light Technology (something I came up with) is the science behind breatharianism. It is an understanding of it. And consciousness of light tech makes breatharianism easily accessed, being in my opinion a good or at least possible approach.

1 Everything comes from the rainbow
Light contains all colors, more colors than the ones our human eyes perceive. Soundwaves act as a prism, separating colors from the light into a rainbow so to speak.
... If we look at the smallest things there are - chemical substances/atoms/parts of atoms - we find that these physical particles have their auric aspect. A color. Each substance has its own color, according to its density. The color emanates a vibration, and this vibration is a sound, even if it can't be heard by our hearing.
Everything has an aura. The aura is the color aspect of things. Chemical substances have a color aspect, too. They are as much a color, as they are a physical substance. There are more chemical substances than the ones humans perceive.
As various colors/chemicals combine, they form molecules. These, in turn, form greater things, in the end, even our own body. We tend to look at the larger objects, instead of noticing the tiny particles that make it and the colors aspects they have.
If we look inside the smallest units there are, deep within the atoms, what do we find? Light. White light. If we look beyond the greatest galaxies and universes, what do we find? Light. The very same light. Light is within everything. It is the beginning, and it is the end.

2 Our body according to light tech/cosmology
We see ourselves as a physical body. But this is only one aspect of it all. (Read more about the universal.) Also, we rarely give it thought that we consist of organs, which consist of tissue, which consist of cells, which consist of even smaller parts and that it all has a color aspect.
Our DNA is what determines the way our body becomes. But DNA is not merely there to let us grow from an embryo into an adult. It will allow us to be what we are even thereafter.
The DNA instructs how the tiny parts that we consist of, will place themselves, manifesting us onto a physical form. The DNA itself in its deepest form is a combination of sounds. Normally, for those who eat, we need to rely on getting the material for building/manifesting our body, from the food we eat. That is a difficult job, especially since few even take consideration in providing the body with what it needs - food serves often a different purpose for eaters. Diseases, discomforts, ageing, and in the end death, follow when our body is incapable to be what it is meant to be. (Breatharianism provides with the solution to this.)

3 Light nourishment
Now what about the breatharian, who doesn't get the building material from solid foods or liquids? How does the DNA manifest itself onto the physical? What keeps breatharians alive?
Light constantly flows within everything. As consciousness is acquired and the body prepared (I will add specific information about this later on as I get the time) the light will no longer have blockages (will write about those too) to go through in order to reach the human body. Also, very importantly, the DNA of the breatharian will be activated in an increased advanced way. Consciousness is what activates the DNA. Now, as any part of the body needs to be manifested, the 'empty space' where new material is needed, will be a space on the DNA pattern which creates a magnetic pull. As the light flows through, the needed colors stick to this empty space. The colors combine and become an instant manifestation of the required cell or other part of the body.
Consciousness is what keeps us alive. Not food.

Why does the DNA manifest itself? The DNA is the sound aspect of us. The body is the physical aspect. The aura/color is the color aspect. They are all the same, but from different perspectives. It is like ice being cold, hard and transparent all at the same time, having different aspects but being only one thing. When we are conscious of ourselves, it is an instant manifestation of us. This is light technology, the use of consciousness and light, as well as the science that explains it.
Why do I claim these things?( Why I came to these conclusions.) This is what I see. No one has to believe it. I am glad if people are critical and sceptic... those two qualities in me is what made me find these very things. I have never taken things for granted, and I have always wanted to explain myself.
Written by Lena

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