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Breatharian lifestyle Breatharian lifestyle
- and the reactions of society and other people

This may for many aspiring breatharians be the greatest obstacle to overcome, I know it is for me. Not only do we have old habits to break and a new structure to make for our lives, the reactions of people in our lives is not always positive. And even if we are unaffected by negativity of others, we may not want to cause such 'trouble'.

This page will be about the reactions that people may have to breatharians, whether or not breatharians should go public or not, how life changes for a breatharian, and other related topics. I would be very happy if anyone adds their own thoughts of these things! E-mail me at

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Do I tell people about being breatharian, or do I keep it a secret? Or whether you even tell people about having discovered breatharianism and feeling that it may be right for you. It's a question that has no single answer, as everyone of course need to decide for themselves. I suspect that there are many breatharians out there who remain 'anonymous', but a number of people go public about it and it's actually great that they do. It helps make breatharianism known, understood, and most of all accepted, and people who feel it is right for them shouldn't have to hide it or be treated negatively. The problem is that there is little knowledge about this and people who criticise may worry about you.
Before going public about it, be sure that it is what you want. Even if you only tell family, friends, people at work, the word may spread. You have to be able to face negative criticism and ignorant reactions, but greatfully some would consider it ok, or even discover that they too want this! And the more breatharians who go public, the easier it will be for the breatharians who don't want all the fuss or criticism.
But is it possible to keep it a secret? For how long can you say "I'm not hungry"? For how long do people not see you eat before they start asking questions? You would probably be forced to lie in order to keep it a secret. People will notice and start to worry and ask questions, and you can't stop living just because you discovered something you like!
As for me, I've only told a very few of my most closest best friends. Half of them are very sceptic and have no understanding of it, and I almost regret having told them as their thoughts of me have changed in the bad way. None of my family or other friends know. I am not a breatharian, yet, and can't say if I will be although that's where I'm headed, but already I am facing the struggles of breatharians. I didn't like the fuss when I told people about being vegan, so I definitely won't like the extra fuss about being breatharian. I do not want to be special, I want to have normal conversations and be treated like always before. I'm an individual, not a breatharian. But most likely I will tell my family and friends about it, but that's years ahead!
Intuition led me to breatharianism, and the same intuition tells me to keep it a secret. It's not something you have to tell people about, just like you don't talk to people about your personal life. It's an intimate thing, based on your own choices. Although, the problem is that a breatharian's behaviour will change, especially as most of our daily life otherwise revolves around food. So it would be good to explain it a little.
Do you need someone to help you during the process when you become a breatharian? Not really. The good thing is being very well prepared and making it a gradual process, so that the leap to breatharianism isn't a large one from your present eating habits. It is not supposed to be risky or dangerous so that you would need assistance. So please make it a long, gradual process, not an instant dangerous one!

How does life change? Life changes in a number of ways once you stop eating, but you would get adjusted to it. This is generally speaking and merely how I imagine it to be: you wake up early as you need less hours of sleep a night. You don't hurry to get breakfast, so you have to find something else to do in the mornings! Personally I would walk to work, because it is time consuming, exposes me to sunlight and air, and I am feeling energetic all the time. You don't eat lunch, so you have to figure out what to do of that hour! I would personally prefer to keep working as I don't even get tired around noon. And rest of the day you need to find things to do, as you probably go to bed late and have lots of extra time on your hands.
Just think of all the time on your hands! All the time you spend eating, stay seated at the table a few minutes after a meal (if you do), cooking, doing the dishes, going to the toilet, washing up (a breatharian doesn't have to shower out of hygienic reasons), working to earn money to buy food and food related items as well as pay for rent for your kitchen and bathroom, shopping for food, taking out the trash, being sick, going to see a doctor, getting your medicines, taking your medicines, all the money you might spend on products that make you appear younger (make-up, skin lotions, cosmetic surgery among many more), and think of all the years lost as you die prematurely.
To be honest, my main reason of still eating is that I know not what to do with all the time. It's too convenient to eat a little something to have something to do, or to eat while I'm doing something else. A breatharian needs to find a new structure to his or her life!

Would it be boring not to eat, and with all that extra time available? This is something I wonder about. Often people eat not because they're hungry, but because it's convenient and provides with something to do. But I think that a breatharian gets used to it and is able to live in the moment and doesn't get bored. I hope.

I've found that breatharianism becomes a very natural thing, more so than what it was like when the person used to eat. And the more I experience and learn about this subject, breatharianism, the more it seems that breatharianism is the most natural way for us humans to be. When we look back at our past lifestyle of eating, and look at the lives of the 'eaters', we see how complicated and often painful that type of life is. I found an excellent quote in a book the other day, one which fits in here quite well. A breatharian may be met with lots of criticism and negativity, but I like the following quote:
"When adults don't understand their children, it's because their children understand more than them."