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Hunger Hunger - the reasons we eat

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Hunger is what makes us eat. Hunger comes in many forms, actually. It can be caused by a variety of things. Some type of hunger feels stronger, worse, than others. And, we find different ways to satisfy our hunger, depending on what we hunger for, what type of hunger it is, what kind of people we are, what food we have available. I will go through a number of various types of hunger, or reasons for eating:

1. Hunger caused by an actual need for nutrition. It's when our body requires a form of material found in foods. Usually, with this hunger, we get hungry for a specific food item and can't stop thinking about it until we get to eat that particular food. Pregnant women often experience this type of hunger, when they start craving "strange" foods, but merely to provide their growing babies with building material for their bodies.
2. The stomach is empty and it feels different than it does when it is filled with heavy, often warm, food. We don't like the difference, so we become hungry for something to fill up our stomach with. And so we eat regularly making sure our stomach never gets a rest.
3. Sadness, stress or other emotional imbalances can make us want to eat. But it can also have the opposite effect in the form of loss of appetite. But when we eat due to emotional reasons, we usually want to fill ourselves with discusting foods that make us feel physically as bad as we feel emotionally.
4. People can enjoy the taste sensation of a type of food, and/or the way the food feels when they chew and swallow it and the pleasure from having eaten. That's why a person can become hungry of pleasurable foods. Usually food containing lots of salt, sugar, fats. This is because salt, sugar and fats are vital for the survival of a body that yet does not find nutrition from light, and salt, sugar and fats are scarce in nature. Our body rewards us when we eat these foods, making sure that we - if we did live in nature - eat all we can of these foods. But today, we can easily buy all the salty, sweet and fat foods we want. Resulting in overeating and obesity, diseases as well as these foods taking the place of other foods we need instead.
5. Eating can become a habit. Many things can. We feel safety in habits, we like to have a structured life with rules to follow. Eating on a regular basis creates a set of rules and structure into life, and when we are unable to follow this structure - are unable to get food - we hunger, not for food in this case, but for the structure in life.

There are several other forms of hunger. When in fact, only the first type of hunger should be accepted. Eating out of hunger that is not based on the body's needs results in either an excess or lack of various food substances or nutrients.

Why do we eat out of the wrong reasons?
It does have an explanation. We could say that people have two sides of themselves, one which is the perceived self, personality, emotions and thoughts, and the other which is the physical body. They are both aspects of the very same thing: the individual. And they affect each other effectively. If one changes, the other adapts itself to resemble the first. They are constantly trying to balance themselves into being a balanced whole person.
So when a person becomes eg. sad, the emotional body is drawn slightly away. This is because sadness means that something is not right, the emotional body is something else than what it is when everything IS right. But when this happens, the emotional and physical bodies try to draw themselves closer to each other to find balance. So, when the person refuses or is unable to find a way out of the sadness back to 'normal', the physical has to be the part to change. That person will be a slave to this occurence of the bodies trying to find each other. The person chooses foods that have a similar energy as the sadness does, and eating this food draws the physical body too slightly away, and closer to the emotional body. There is balance, as the bodies are close again, but the person is all together someplace he/she shouldn't be, so it's still not good, but it feels slightly better this way.
So. We eat the foods that make our body feel the same way as our emotional body does. We choose the foods that balance our body with our personality, emotions and consciousness. And this is why a conscious person who is able to become a breatharian, is hungry for light. As light is the same energy as consciousness.

Is there any way around this?
Does a person have to wait for consciousness and it to find hunger for light and the ability of breatharianism, or is there some way to work with hunger and eating to actively move closer to breatharianism? Of course a person can, and will, be able to let go of 'false hunger' that doesn't support the physical body. Explore your reasons for eating. What made you choose that particular food, in its particular form (cooked, raw etc.) at that particular time, in that particular amount? Think about it. That makes you conscious of your hunger and eating habits, it's as simple as that. In time, you may in fact find that you are eating out of reasons that aren't necessary, and hunger vanishes. You find light, and find that it nourishes you, and become a breatharian, "just like that".

A breatharian experiences no hunger.