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Food Choices Food Choices
- what may affect our choices of food

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Why do people enjoy foods that are bad for them? And why is it that different people prefer different foods? I will present one possible explanation. Just a theory of mine of course.

Our two bodies
Let's assume that we are a physical body, but also an emotional or perceived body. Why I'd say we have two aspects of ourselves is because of two reasons:
1 There are many things of ourselves that we are unaware of or in denial of, such as certain emotions we don't find appropriate or if we have a poor self confidence and wish we didn't have a certain thing to ourselves.
2 There is the aspect of ourselves that our eyes can see, the physical body. But we are also much that our eyes don't see, such as our emotions, thoughts and energies.

Since we are one individual, even if we have several complex aspects to ourselves, both of the above mentioned parts of us - physical and perceived - are one and the same. So they can't be separated, they strive for a balance, they change to come closer to each other if there is an imbalance, if they happen to differ from each other.

The physical body doesn't change just because we suddenly think we would look different. But our perceived body does change. We can only be what we are. We are emotionally the same as physically. But if we experience anything that moves us away from who we are, there is the imbalance, and the two bodies try to come closer and find the balance again. If you become very sad or depressed, hate yourself, have poor self confidence, or think too highly of yourself, for example, your emotional/perceived body has moved away from its natural state, the natural state of being the same as the physical. In other words, when you are more or less than what you truly are, there is an imbalance.

But if we feel quite sad or hate ourselves, or think too highly of ourselves, we aren't likely to want to stop believing in those 'false perceptions' of ourselves. If we think we're ugly or worthless, or think that we're something that we're not, this is what we believe and this is what we stick to. What happens with the imbalance, then? It means that we perceive our physical body in a way that is not true! Since the perceived/emotional body won't change... our physical has to!

How we change our physical body to find a balance
So when we perceive ourselves as something we are not, it means that there becomes a difference in what our body is, and how we perceive it. This difference creates an imbalance, and our body (physical and emotional/perceived) tries to find balance. Since we stick to our false beliefs of being more or less than we truly are, it's up to our physical body to change and become what our perceived body is. This is an example of the strength that our mind has.

Every individual has their unique way to feel, their own emotions, thoughts, problems and such. We all have a distinct perceived self. And we also have distinct food choices. Foods are perceived differently depending on who eats them. We have a non-objective way of perceiving a food item. And, we all favor our special type of foods. We all have our favorites.

The fact is (according to my theory) that we choose foods that feel the same way as we feel inside. We favor the foods that in their energy aspect feel the same way as our perceived body is feeling.

Why? Food has an impact on the body. Food is a package of energies of some sorts. Even though we may say we like the flavor of a food, the flavor is in fact an indication of the food's energies, which we are unaware of. So we choose the food items which will affect our body so that we get a physical feel which resembles the feel we have on the inside. All just to find the balance between physical and emotional/perceived, so that we are one.

People who are depressed may feel really bad. So they sometimes start eating a lot of 'discusting foods' until they feel physically just as bad as they feel on the inside.

People who are stressed may want foods that have a similar stressful impact on their physical body.

Anorectics are people who don't feel good about themselves. They are in fact starving out of the love they should feel for themselves. So they starve their physical selves as well.

Not only do we eat foods that make us feel physically as we feel inside. We can also deny to eat certain foods to accomplish the feel on the physical to be the same as our inner feeling.

Our food choices are not usually conscious ones. It's our emotional/inner self which makes us favor a type of food. We think we prefer foods according to taste or such, but taste etc are indications of the energy content of the food item.

We strive for a balance. A balance between our inner self and our physical one. And this balance is easily achieved by use of foods. This is because food has an amazing ability to alter our body in a variety of ways! Each food item feels a certain way, and has a certain impact on the body. And we can achieve an endless variety of combinations of end results with the food choices we make.

We prefer foods that will make our physical body feel the same way we feel on the inside.

What this means to breatharianism
So how does one become a breatharian? It should now be obvious that a breatharian can't have emotional pain or any other imbalances which would make him/her crave certain foods.


We are created for perfection. Perfection is within everyone's potential. When we can allow our physical body to be exactly what it is, and aren't in denial of any aspect of ourselves, and don't suffer from any imbalances... we need NO FOOD because we don't need to accomplish any change in our physical to balance it with our inner self.

Self consciousness is when you know who you are, love who you are, accept who you are. This way you are what you are. And you no longer hunger any foods that will change your physical as your self-perception would be changed to something you are not.

Self consciousness and being who you truly are, in tune with yourself, takes away all your hunger, as you allow yourself to be who you are, and stop wanting foods to change your body.

Be yourself. And you will be a breatharian.

I'd say this is our main or one of the most affecting causes of hunger, or reasons to why we eat. But of course we don't eat only according to this theory. There are many other "traps" making a person eat, such as what I call "Food Spirits" which are often mistaken for hunger, eating out of an old habit and other reasons. But the above mentioned theory is interesting, and does seem to explain a great deal of why we eat. It also gives an important guideline towards breatharianism.