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Food related diseases Food related diseases

I used to be one of those people who think that diseases are normal and those days when I have a sore throat, cold, headache or anything else, was a day of bad luck. And those days when I was feeling ok, were good luck. That's what people tend to think. Not knowing that their actions and choices have consequences, and not taking responsibility for their actions, wishes, bodies or lives. No one wants to get sick or age, yet everyone seems to accept it!

Back to breatharianism

Several food items are known for their damaging side-effects. We know that cooked meat is harmful. We know that several people become allergic towards cooked grains or dairy. We know that excess sugar may cause diabetes, is corroding on teeth and contains no beneficial nutrients to make up for it. We know that many of our foods have dangerous side-effects, yet no one seems to care. The want of eating is stronger than our caring for ourselves. Also, many people - falsely - believe that they do need to eat in order to survive.

When I found that I could no longer eat some typical food items, I had to find others to replace them. But what I found was dismaying. I would check a food item to see if it could replace meat and dairy in nutrients, but found that many foods had negative impact on the body and I wasn't sure if it's worth eating something to get a few nutrients if it's going to do more harm than it does good! But one excellent discovery was raw and living foods. Eating vegetable, or vegan, foods unprocessed and uncooked has great benefits, few or no side effects and contains very high amounts of nutrients!

(Remember that in my opinion, nutrients do have benefits, read on Nutrients. But, a breatharian does not require those benefits from nutrients.)

Energy aspect of diseases
Food items have an 'aura', or energy aspect of themselves, as do all things. An aura is not only a color or several colors, it is also a sound frequency or wavelength. But even our cells have wavelengths. The wavelengths of our cells need to be of a certain type so that our cells will function the way they were meant to. If we change our cells in any way, they are no longer the same and this disturbs the balance in our body. (I will later on write about why this is.)

Now, as we eat food, the food is broken into smaller pieces and absorbed by our blood. These have their own wavelengths, and as they pass one of our cells, the two energies affect each other. The food energy may affect the one of our cell, but our cells do their best to maintain their own wavelength. But in time, after countless of foreign food materials affecting our cells, various diseases may occur. Diseases come in two forms: 1 Detoxification. 2 Imbalance. Detox is when our body makes an attempt to rid itself of the foreign materials we got into us from foods. These diseases come in many forms, some of which are colds, fever, allergies, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. Imbalances are when our body has been injured by the foreign materials which it constantly tries to rid itself of. One of these are cancer. But imbalances can also be caused by the deficiency of needed nutrients! This comes in the form of grey hair, osteoporosis (weakening of the skeleton) and more.

Curing diseases
When we get a disease, doctors prescribe us medicines of various forms. A disease, being of a certain wavelength, can be neutralized by adding a second wavelength of a particular sort. But the problem is that the medicines which are added, have unwanted wavelengths themselves, causing new damage! I can tune in to things and see their energy aspect (it has been proven), and I have found no medicine that truly works or has no side effects. Our body is being infested by further more foreign substances, when foreign substances were the cause of the disease to begin with!
But how do we cure diseases without medicines? By the same principle, but on the energy aspect instead of on a physical one. Diseases can be treated by color or energy healing. But the best way is to make sure one doesn't get sick to begin with, to take care of one's body and watch what one is eating, and as consciousness has activated chakras, one becomes immune to diseases. This is because the DNA is activated and materialises every detail of our body that is needed, and eliminates every detail which isn't supposed to be there.

Nutrients preventing and curing diseases
Nutrients too, have an energy aspect and wavelength. But what makes us call these substances 'nutrients' is that their wavelengths support our body when our DNA is inactive, and thus keep us alive when we haven't reached the consciousness that awakens the chakras and lets us live of light.