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--- Consciousness ---

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I mention the word 'consciousness' several times on various pages. I don't believe that breatharianism on light is possible without it. I will now explain what I mean by consciousness and why it is so important:

The meaning of consciousness

Consciousness means to be perceptive of things. Or aware. In the case of breatharianism, to be perceptive of oneself. It's not as tricky as it may sound. It simply means that you know who you are and don't deny any parts of yourself. That's all!

What blocks consciousness

Most people are unconscious of one thing or the other. Here are a few examples:
* Being in denial of emotions. Many people carry several year old sadness but have come able to deny and ignore it and live unknowing of this emotion.
* Or being in denial of hatred.
* Denying discomfort, if someone eg. feels that they have to work even if they dislike it, and ignore their dislike so that they can continue working.
* And many other forms of emotional denial.
* Physical unconsciousness, eg. being unaware of the impact foods have on their bodies even though that awareness is within potentials.
* Even things like ignoring one's dreams and goals in life.
... When we deny or ignore anything that is naturally part of us, we are not conscious of our entire selves. A whole consciousness of yourself IS required for the activation of the energy flow, and for your DNA to become magnetic and you live on light.

Dreams a sign of unconsciousness...

Did you know that the dreams you have at night are created by the things you deny during the day? This is actually not my inventions, I've read excellent books by Ann Faraday and C.G. Jung, and highly recommend those. Avoid Freud though, his teachings are totally misleading as he claims that all dreams are the creation of our sexuality. Sexual denial is merely one of the things we can deny, Freud missed our denials of anger, sadness, hatred etc. Read the other books to find out why he is wrong.

When we deny something, it doesn't make it go away. And when we fall asleep, our morals and the structure we put into life vanishes. All of our denials come forth. In the dreaming state, we roam on another wavelength of the world, called the astral plane. Here, our thoughts alter the world. The denied things that now come forth, manifest themselves into symbolic objects or events. Our dreams consist of our denials. I will elaborate on this to explain how and why.

As long as you deny aspects of yourself, you will dream of them. You will also be depending on sleep as getting to be who you are without limits in the dreams, is something you need. So as long as you are dreaming, you probably have blockages to sort out before you are aware of all things about you.

Dream interpretation is how you explore your world of denials. I will later add a page on how this is done. I believe that a person who has no denials, and thus doesn't need to dream about them, experiences the lucid dreams. That is when you fall asleep, but realise that you're fully awake in the dream world or astral plane. It is great fun. You can explore the world, fly in outer space, and I don't think anyone ever grows tired of it!

Reaching Consciousness

You discover who you are. Your thoughts, emotions, opinions, personality. Since any form of unconsciousness, denial or ignoring, affects by blocking a chakra, you can discover any blockages by going through each of the chakras. Ask yourself the following questions:
(Red chakra: Never blocked.)
Orange chakra: "Do I feel good about what I've done to the world and to other people? Did I ever do any damage which I regret deeply?" If you keep thinking "You can't change the past." you may have such blockages.
Yellow chakra: "Am I very considerate of what people think about me? Am I nervous if a person looks me in the eye? Do I feel lost, as if there is no me? Does it feel like there is no safety? Am I anxious? Do I feel like having broken into pieces that no longer fit together? Am I hiding from myself? Can I look myself in the mirror and look deep into my eyes and see me?" Problems in this area often noticed if you think "People don't approve of me. There is something wrong with me. I want to disappear."
Green chakra: "Do I need to keep searching for the appreciation from others? Do I accept what I am? Do I like being me? Would I not want to be anyone other than me?" If you think "No one loves me. I don't really love who I am. How could anyone love me? I'm useless."
Blue chakra: "Can I be who I am? Am I shy? Do I always express my true opinions? Do I lie just to make people think that I am something I am not? Do I listen to myself? Do I pay attention to my thoughts and ideas and opinions? Do I feel that I have to keep secrets even when I wish I could tell people about them?" If you think "I have to watch what I say or people perceive me the 'wrong way'. I don't think anyone would approve me if I showed them the real me. If I showed people my emotional side, I would lose ground and maybe be hurt."
Indigo chakra: Is not imbalanced unless the person suffers from mental illness, that is, has a disrupted line between self and world beyond.
Violet chakra: Perhaps never imbalanced.
... Most of us recognise the above mentioned examples of denials and blockages. Each of those problems mean that the person is unable to be who they are. They deny or ignore parts of themselves, or even think that those parts of them are wrong and shouldn't exist. Any sort of such thinking creates a blockage, and that makes whole consciousness of the self impossible at that time.

So it's really not that difficult to reach breatharianism. Don't run away from yourself, don't deny any part of who you are, don't forget about yourself. Simply get to know who you are. It will be healing, wonderful and fun. You won't find yourself anywhere in the outside world, many people search for self fulfillment by means of relations to other people, money, buying various things... but the only place where it can be found is within. And it's there all along.

Consciousness related to food and eating

When people have any form of unconsciousness, they lack the whole perception of themselves. It is like cutting off the blood flow in an area where the flow runs. You can cut it off in just one place, any place really, and the circle and flow is broken. Full consciousness is required to activate the body for breatharianism on light.

But when we don't know all about ourselves, and lack the whole consciousness, our body doesn't live on light. We starve. This creates a hunger for things that can replace this life flow that has been cut off. Please read more on Food Choices for more on how we try to balance ourselves with foods.

Consciousness and Immortality

When the life flow is cut off when we are unconscious of any aspect of ourself, we start dying off slowly. Life can not be maintained. Nothing in our bodies is randomly created to be an excess. All parts of ourselves are needed for the human form to function. Even our sadness, anger, appearance, or anything else we choose to ignore, are parts of us. When we deny any part of our body life, by wanting it not to exist, it happens. But just as we can't cut off the blood flow here and there, we can't cut off our life flow like this. We start to age as our entire body suffers from the stagnation of the life force. The base of our aura (aura being the color aspect of our body) becomes black, chakras close and fail to support glands and other body parts. Glands especially rely now on nutrients such as iodine and zinc for their production of hormones, without which we can't live.

But when we accept ourselves, and allow our life to flow in all of what we are, our aura is white, and this white is the white light that nourishes a breatharian who lives on light. We are now one step towards living on light. The other and final step being reaching the full consciousness and activating the DNA. The difference? First, we are NOT DENYING anything of us, this activates energy flow. Secondly, we understand ALL OF WHO WE ARE and activate the DNA. DNA is an energy print of our entire bodily self. These two ingredients are required for living on light. Nothing else!

Why is a less conscious person dying, and a fully conscious one immortal? When we cut off the life flow by denying any part of us, this life can no longer support us. We try to replace this flow by eating dense foods that come from other bodies than ours (plants and animals), but in the end, we fail to get the right balance of what our body needs to stay functioning. In the mean time we suffer from the symptoms of excess and lack of body material or nutrients. It is an impossible task to live long on foods... Immortality on the other hand, is a natural occurence within the conscious individual. Someone who knows who they are, doesn't have to die and re-incarnate in order to learn who they are. They already know. And that knowingness, and acceptance of who they are, is the same as the life that flows keeping them alive.

Knowing who you are, keeps you alive. You are the life in yourself.
(All this according to me. Feel free to comment on it. Approach any information, "proven" or not, with the distinction of your own knowingness. Don't let others do the job of deciding what's right or wrong, take responsibility of your own world and think on your own. Collect other people's perspectives, take information you find useful to your heart, and build thus your own perspective. This is what makes you a conscious individual, and gives you all the world to access.)