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Changes for a breatharian
Changes when you become a breatharian

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When you become a breatharian, things will change. Your body goes through some changes, your health, appearance, so does the structure of your life, your economy, you might lose some friends and make new ones, among other changes. The only negative change I can think of, is that the topic of conversations around mealtimes may be about you and your eating/not eating habits, as many people need either a very long time to get adjusted or they never accept your breatharianism. Apart from that, the changes you have to look forward to are wonderful. I've already had glimpses of what it is like being a breatharian, and the word to best describe it is: heaven.

Do all breatharians change the same way? No. Some lose a bit of weight if they have been slightly overweight earlier, whereas others don't lose that weight. Some get a very tan skin color, whereas others don't. Some continue aging, getting gray hair etc, whereas others stop and reverse aging. Some get perfect health, others remain at an 'ok' level of health... It varies.
How do I get the changes I want? Program yourself to it. First become aware of the changes you want, then analyze what your reasons are for wanting them, are the reasons based on what's best for you, are you absolutely sure that you want them, and finally believe in them and it happens.

Physical changes
All these are based on my own observations on changes that have occured during those times that I have been a breatharian for a number of days (although I am not a breatharian today, I eat):
Every cell becomes filled with the light that nourishes the breatharian. Deep within each cell, in the center of them, light gathers itself into a thick concentration that powers a new fascinating process that takes place within the cells. I was amazed to find that the cell no longer needs the calory/glucose or other material as fuel, but started to produce its own energy of different kind which is much higher in its energy vibration. It resembles like a powerplant within each cell.
How did I see this? A few years ago I started to get the ability to tune in to things and see them from both a smaller and larger perspective, as if my 'field of vision' expanded.

A silence so special you can hear it. After your intestines are empty, and no more food is eaten, your body no longer needs to focus its attention and work on digestion, and after a day or so you can actually 'hear' the sensation of silence. Foods in our stomach contain so many various and disturbing wavelengths ( Light) which create a 'noise' which people are used to and don't notice. But once it's gone, the silence can be heard and almost touched. Your body also comes in tune with itself. Chakras are activated and you become balanced on all aspects. Those who don't notice the silence, still notice the balanced wonderful sensation that comes with it. But not only a silence occurs, also the fascinating sounds of the wavelengths of your own body which are activated. It's something to experience and perhaps can't be explained in words.

Organs cleanse and heal, but also change their function! I haven't looked into this much, but know that the spleen starts to produce a new type of material which does something wonderful to the body and well being. The organs of an eater are constantly busy dealing with toxins and foreign substances from foods. One might ask why breatharianism is possible as we have so many organs that seem to exist merely to support our eating... no, they have other purposes as well!

Eyes clear up, and the difference is striking. Have you ever noticed how clear and beautiful the eyes of infants are? And how the older people get, the less lively their eyes are? After three or four days of no eating, I notice that eyes clear up and although I've thought my eye sight to be perfect, it improves to something I could never have imagined.

There are other physical changes too which I will describe later.

How will I change?
I think this is most interesting: how does the physical and psychologic self change after one becomes a breatharian? As the changes that occur when becoming a breatharian seem to vary among individuals, and seem to be related to the person's own beliefs and approach, I will be interested to see how I change as my approach is to activate my DNA and become exactly as my genetics/God intended me to be! Every cell of unnecessary fat, every misplaced tiny particle, will vanish, and muscle, skin color, bones, will appear as meant. To have something to compare with, I'm "lucky" to yet be 'an eater' so that I can document how I am today to have something to compare with as I change when I'm a breatharian. I will fill in the following information:
(If anyone else would be interested in joining this 'research'/'comparison', by adding their own information here from before they were breatharians to after they have gone through the change, I and others interested would be most happy! If you'd like to participate, please e-mail me.)

Weight in kilograms and pounds.
Height in centimetres and feet/inches.
BMI. Body mass index, derived from comparing weight and height which gives a number that tells you if you are underweight, juts right, or overweight.
Hair. Any changes in hair color, rate of growth, any loss of hair etc.
Teeth. Do teeth weaken?
Firmness of the body.
Any other changes I might notice.
I will be careful and alert of any warning signals and eat if I must. I am confident that an attempt of mine to become a breatharian would at its 'worst' become a fasting of a few days up to a week.