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- our 'invisible' organs

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Since chakras showed to have such a vital part in breatharianism, I thought it appropriate to dedicate an entire page to them.

Knowledge about the chakras is very important and useful for the aspiring breatharian. But perhaps most interestingly, it explains why LIGHT is nourishing. Why the human form is nourished by light only and all else causes ageing and in the end death. Why breatharians live on LIGHT.

-The Seven Chakras-
Our body is much more than what our eyes tell us. One way of explaining it, is the parallel to hearing. Humans have a limited range of what wavelengths we can hear. Then there are other animals that hear sounds of higher or lower wavelengths than we do. There are so many sounds surrounding us, that we are unaware of. Same with our vision. So many wavelengths that our eyes don't perceive. One of the things that are there even though we can not see them, are our chakras.

Chakras are like the non-physical organs. Physical simply means that a material is on a wavelength that is dense enough for us to perceive. (Other categories of density are astral, etheric, mental. Prana being an etheric substance.) Chakras are like organs in our energy flow. Sort of like the heart in our blood flow. There is an entire energy flow in our body, even though we can't see it.

On the picture (above) our seven main chakras. They are placed along a vertical line. Nothing in our body was randomly created. The fact that there are seven of them has an important scientific value. So does the fact that they are in the colors of the rainbow.

The chakras support our body with energy. Chakras, meaning 'wheel' in Sanskrit language, spin. This movement is rather the intensity of the chakra's strength. The stronger this intensity, the brighter and stronger the chakra. Chakras together support the energy flow. But they also have their own specific body parts and organs as well as non-physical aspects to maintain with life. Non-physical aspects being for example emotions and perception/understanding/consciousness.

... The human form (not only in human species but in several extraterrestrial ones as well) has great potential of awareness. It is a fact that humans only use a small percentage of their brains, and we don't seem to be able to use the other parts of it. This relates to all the potentials we have that are awaiting our discovery. Things such as telepathy, immortality, breatharianism, and many other things, are available. But we know that people in general have not reached these things. We also see that many people are unable to experience unconditional love towards others and themselves, or even lacking the ability of being in touch with their emotions, intuition or thoughts. This relates to the fact that most people do not have all chakras active.

A chakra will support bodily functions. Each chakra having increasingly advanced functions starting from the red and up to the 7th violet one. When a person is unconscious of the aspects that come with a chakra, that particular chakra is weaker or even dormant. Or, when a chakra is weaker or dormant, the person becomes unaware of the chakra aspects.

Red chakra is the first one. It is active in all humans, for we would not be alive without the functions it supports in our body. The red chakra gives us the ability to experience the basics. Such as wanting to survive, hunger, finding food, reproduction, physical instincts, taking care of our offspring.

Orange chakra is the second one. All humans have it active. With red and orange active, not only do we master the functions of the red one, but also new ones from this second one. We now understand that we can affect the world on the outside of our body. We can see and think of how the things we do has an effect. In this we find creativity.

Some people do not have their yellow chakra active. The orange chakra made the person understand that their actions affected the world. But now, with the yellow chakra open, they understand that the world affects them. They are now able to feel afraid, uncertain, anxious and analyse possible end results before the events have occured.

When the green chakra is activated, the person has reached an emotionally deeper understanding of oneself and of others. This person's feelings can be hurt when an event makes them believe or worry that they are not living loveable beings. The green chakra lets the person understand that there is a living, fragile person inside who needs and deserves love. For the ones with perfectly activated green chakras, they also understand that the same goes for others. They know that others are also living loveable beings. They are able to feel love, but also the pain when love is not there.

Blue chakra is often weak in people unless we're dealing with a very charismatic person. This fact has got to do with the way our society is and what we usually expect people to be and not be. Blue chakra active lets the person analyse things in a more advanced way, and they can lie, keep secrets, pretend and imagine things in a deeper way. It is also related to communication. We now master the ability to alter our communication to the outside world to adapt it according to what we want of the world. We also get a deeper world of thoughts and intellect. And sort of get to know ourselves, can better plan and think.

Indigo chakra is related to intuition, spiritual abilities, our senses physical as well as beyond the average. We become able to perceive things from an outside perspective, we discover that we are immortal souls, we realise that what we perceive is not all of the world. There is a greater depth to our perception.

Violet chakra, the seventh one, is the link to our spirituality. To God. To the source from which we came. With this active, we see no limits anywhere. We are connected to other people, connected to animals, to all existance, to God, but still see and understand the boundaries that exist in creation. We have reached most of our human potential. When this chakra is activated, it changes from violet to white, this having a function which is explained under the topic "Chakras and Energy System".

Why do chakras support bodily functions, why doesn't our body function 'on its own'? This is because the wavelength of a color, for example green, equals the wavelength of an occurence such as emotions. How? All things have an energy aspect. Whether we hear it or not, all things have a wavelength that emits a soundwave, and, whether we see it or not, all things have an auric color aspect. A color equals a wavelength and sound, and it also equals a material such as chemical substances.

-Seven Chakras, Seven Dimensions-

The reason we have seven chakras is related to dimension and existance. Also related to light, to God. To physics. To the way things are organised in the world.

All things exist within the greatest single body: white light or God. Within it, exist things that on their own are not as great. It is like we are an entire complete human body, we are all of our organs and tissue and cells, and have a conscious mind. But our organs are parts of our body. And so are the cells, being parts of organs. Cells function on their own, and one single cell does not even look like an organ or a human being, but they function on their own, function together in a blood stream, or tissue. But it is really the human being. The greatest contains all of the things that perceive themselves as smaller.

The smaller things are not trapped to perceive smallness. They evolve and this flow is the energy of the greatest body. Like drops of water in the ocean, flowing from the rain into the rivers and back to the sea, being but one great body of water.

-Additional Chakras-

To make it more 'complicated', we have more than the seven main chakras. :)

The pink chakra (see more on Unconditional Love) lies close to the 4th green one, slightly below it being smaller in size. The pink chakra supports the ability of unconditional love. Green chakra lets us feel affected so that we feel loved or feel the pain of not being loved. But the pink chakra allows us greater flexibility as we now are able to feel love toward ourselves, and to others, and not just simply relying on an outside source.

The 'back of the head chakra' as I call it, is one that I haven't found in any books, but see in me and in other people. It is a chakra beyond dimension 7 or chakra 7. It powers functions in the brain and perception. This chakra is white such as the active 7th chakra is

Feet chakras aren't as appealing perhaps because of their low, or no, vibration. They are black and enable the foundations of a body.

Hand chakras can differ in color. They are in the palms of our hands and usually a red color, but can become blueish-white or white or yellow-white. These are the healing chakras, through which a person can heal others. Healing means to balance, to correct an imbalance by recovering the original state that has been disturbed by moving away from our true way of being.

Higher chakras. These continue in the vertical line of the seven main chakras. The first is turquoise-darkblue in color and placed one or two feet above the 7th chakra. The second of these is purple-darkpink in color and placed one foot above the one before. I do not know much of these and don't feel that it's good to take a look yet.

The seven chakras are of the larger size. The additional ones being two thirds or a half of that size. But then we have other strong points in the energy flow, which are not strong enough to be described any bodily functions. After these, we have thicker parts of nerves, and finally the entire 'web' of Nadis, or lines along which the energy flow runs like electricity in electrical cords.

-Chakras and Energy System-

When chakras are dormant - non active - they can not support their corresponding bodily functions. But nor can a dormant chakra contribute to the energy flow. It is like if our heart were to stop, the blood could no longer flow. This flow of energy is important as it is the same as the life in us. All things that are dead lack this energy flow. People who are sick, weak or dying have a weaker energy flow. Dead bodies have no energy flow... Vibrant living and healthy people have strong energy flows. And the energy flow of an immortal person is truly strong and vibrant.

All seven main chakras are required to support the energy flow that is required for breatharianism. There is an energy at the base of our spine, called the Kundalini. All humans are born with the same human potentials, all have the potential of seven active chakras and the active energy flow. But very few people have an active Kundalini.

When the individual has reached the understanding described for each of the seven chakras, the Kundalini awakens and equals a spiritual awakening. This thick, extremely powerful flow of energy runs up the spine, through each of the chakras, and reaches the seventh violet one, making this chakra white. This activates the energy flow. Light now flows into the human body and is maintained and distributed in the human system.

-Blockages, Denials, Pain and Ageing-

But why do few people have all chakras active, Kundalini active nor energy flow active? Because we don't live with the understanding of the human functions described for the chakras that are dormant.

All people have red chakra active, most have red and orange. And more than that, many have yellow also. There is great variety to the activity of an individual's chakras. My guess is that those who read this page and have sought this kind of information have most or all chakras active already.

But what makes a chakra weaker or dormant depends on the chakra itself and its requirements. As for being dormant, that is, completely closed:
Red: Never dormant. Life would not exist.
Orange: Not dormant in people.
Yellow: Unaware of the world having an effect on you.
Green: Not knowing that you need and deserve to be loved, not knowing there is precious life in you.
Blue: Unaware of your effect on the outside world, unaware of deeper thoughts and communicating who you are onto the world, unable to know who you are or express who you are.
Indigo: Perception not expanded beyond the five basic senses.
Violet/white: Not having reached a universal totally unlimited perception and understanding or true spirituality.
... All of the functions described for a chakra may be known by a person. For instance, people can be told that "you have to treat others like you want to be treated yourself". We can live our life according to rules that are made according to human needs, but many don't necessarily understand the 'why' of certain things, or the depth of them.

And, as for the chakras becoming imbalanced or weaker, meaning that they are open but not fully active:
Red: Murderers, rapists, real 'cave men' would have a weak or imbalanced red chakra. Rare.
Orange: People who find pleasure in harming others or simply harm others. The orange chakra relates to our knowing that our actions affect the outside world. An imbalance thus makes us do the wrong things to the outside world. Things that are wrong because they block our understanding and block the true purpose of the orange chakra.
Yellow: People who are anxious. Gay people unfortunately often have an imbalanced yellow chakra because they are uncertain of themselves. Or people who have been criticised or fear becoming criticised. The yellow chakra is related to the outside world affecting us. We experience difficulties with how the world will treat us.
Green: Not feeling loved. Feeling hated. Or even hating ourself. Or hating others. It makes the green chakra turn black, densely solid and painful. Many people have this in a world where many never learnt to feel loved when growing up and can't show their children that love and it is inherited until there is healing.
Blue: When being unable to be oneself. Trying to someone one is not. This problem is so great, that it easily affects the thyrus gland which requires the support of the throat chakra, resulting in various problems ranging from severe tiredness, weak immune system, and more. A common problem, especially among women in their 30's-40's who experience the anxiety of feeling that their ageing bodies make the persons within less valuable or wanted. :(
Indigo: Mental illnesses due to being unable to handle their perception and becoming uncertain and imbalanced in this aspect of themselves.
Violet/white: Never imbalanced.
... When we are less than what we truly are, this blocks our chakras, affecting our life energy negatively and causing several diseases. The sad thing is that an imbalance in emotion and perception may have to cause a physical, visible disease before we acknowledge our pain. But then people go to a doctor who only looks at the physical result and is totally unaware of the cause of the illness! Chakra healing, or color healing, is the most powerful and effective form of healing I've found. I frequently use this on people I know. I will then give people a chakra reading, where I tell them about their chakra conditions and bring out any problems, and provide with the healing. I like doing this because it is nice when people get to know more of themselves and healing is a very beautiful thing to see.

-Chakras, Glands, Hormones, Immortality-

So chakras are non-physical organs in our body. But they support our physical organs with life. The closest way of describing this connection is by explaining the function of glands and hormones.

Each chakra is directly and very closely connected to a gland. Glands are organs in our body that produce hormones. Hormones, in turn, are tiny 'message carriers' that flow in our blood stream telling the cells what to do or not do. Any change that needs to be done in our body requires hormones to tell the cells to do so. Hormones are of several kinds, and are what make us change from children into adults for example. But what happens in the human body? People grow old after an amount of years and they lack various of our important hormones! Hormones are constantly required for the functioning of our body. Even the immune system is depending on glands.

When people have dormant chakras, these chakras are unable to support their corresponding gland. The gland fails to receive energy and is weaker or will eventually fail completely. This is why we need the - what I call - 'gland nutrients'. One of these is iodine, a nutrient found mainly in seafood. If I look closely at iodine, it looks like a blue flame energy. Almost identic to the blue color of the blue chakra that should support the thyroid, which iodine also supports. But nutrients which resemble the energies of chakras can never completely replace a chakra. Besides, the slightest excess or lack of a chakra nutrient creates an imbalance and can have severe physical damage.

A very effective anti-ageing method is the intake of extra hormones.

If a person is balanced, being aware of themself and having reached the human potential, all chakras are active, all glands are balanced and healthy, adequate amounts of hormones are produced, and this is one of the aspects of why consciousness makes a person immortal.


So this is what I had got to say about chakras. It turned out to be quite a long page, but well worth it. The importance of chakras can't be ignored or left aside in the work of aspiring breatharianism. Not that people necessarily have to understand or see their chakras and energy system, they are still depending on them. Understanding how chakras work is more important and useful than words can say. It explains how the human body is formed, why our body looks exactly as it does, finds the connection between human form and God/light, explains what problems are and how they are formed as well as their effect on the human body... But most importantly perhaps, chakra knowledge, in the case of breatharianism, explains why exactly light is nourishing.