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The Breatharian Physiology
The Breatharian Physiology

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How does the breatharian body differ from the body of an eater? That only depends on how much the eater differs from the human original state of being!

We humans are created according to a pattern. A pattern which enables us to be living beings with thoughts, emotions, free will and the great range of experiences to find. Our body is one single unit, consisting of matter on not only the density that we notice. Not only are we the physical body, we have the chakra and energy system, the DNA grid print, an aura, emotions, thoughtwaves, a soul, and so much more.

Food has a great impact on us, more so than we usually want to admit or realise. All of our body is wavelengths of energy. But so is food, as food originates from the body of a plant or an animal. When these two combine, as we eat foods, the energy of the food cells meet the energies of our own cells. It is like having a cup of water in which there are droplets of eg. the color blue. And as we add another color, eg. red, these combine. And the stronger the red is, the more we lose of the original state of blue.

Our body does all it can to remain on its original state, of being what the DNA print requires. But in the end, eventually, the food we eat, as well as other foreign wavelengths having an impact on us, we have moved away from our correct way of being. We see this in the form of discomforts, dying cells, cancer, gland problems, nutrient deficiencies, obesity, the weaking of eye sight and much more.

When the body is left to be what it is, and we stop changing it with foods, we reach breatharianism and immortality, but most importantly, this means that we are the humans we can be. We have so much within our potential. Please read Food Choices for the understanding of why we choose to do this to ourselves, why we eat to alter our bodies away from our original state.

The Breatharian Physiology

So once we find balance in who we are, and discover the formerly unknown parts of ourselves, we no longer make our body imbalanced as we are ourselves. (Read the above given link to see how and why.) We find balance. And in this balance, our body reveals the potential of breatharianism. This makes our body return to its original state, illnesses heal, injuries recover, ageing reverses. We find nourishment and life in letting ourselves be living. We find life in life itself. Some of the changes that occur, when the body returns to its original, breatharian, state of living on light (living on prana/sunlight/air results in different changes)(these changes also require the activation of DNA):

---Each of the cells fill with light, the white light that now flows in the body and nourishes. This light powers the cells, calories are not necessary. Each cell has its own production of energy, the cells being provided with the exact amount and sort of energy required at that time. No waste products produced.
---Blood is clean. Blood still used for the distribution of hormones and in case the person eats again, for toxins to be taken to kidneys. Potassiumlike nourishment, closely related to prana, flows in blood stream. Various nutrients which are created in organs, are distributed in blood. Heart rate slow, blood pressure stable at lower level. Blood quite thin. White blood cells - the immune system - still present, but not nearly as distressed as there are no toxins to fight.
---Eye color very clear, deep, living and sparkly, like the eyes of a newborn. Eye color may change. (Mine are changing from grey-blue to golden-green.) Eye sight reaches perfection.
---Excess weight is lost, as accumulations of foreign, non-human, fats are gotten rid of a.s.a.p. like the toxins! In the case of being underweight, muscle will start to form, as well as fats where needed.
---Hair may start to grow faster, become thinner (actually, elder people get very thick hairs, and just think of how babies have the finest hairs - there we have it, proof of my just given theory!) and may change in color.
---Finger- and toenails, being of the same material as hair, will become strong. (Mine are already whiter and thicker than ever before. Don't know where I get that nourishment! ;) Now that I don't eat, I'm stronger!)
---Skincolor will darken for the European and European descendants (American, Australian etc). Skincolor adapts itself to receiving less nourishment from the sun, as nourishment is formed in the body and always found in sufficient amounts. (Those who live on prana/sunlight/air do not notice this change.)
---Voice may change. Coarse voice due to dehydration and other factors, becomes lighter and softer.
---Increased energy levels. Never ending stamina.
---Happiness and a perpetual smile.
---A strong charisma and radience.
---Organs are no longer occupied with drowning in toxins and food residue and regain their original purposes. Spleen produces nutrients. Intestines shrink in size taking not as much of your energy as before. Liver aids in the production of minerals. Minerals still being needed as they are material for various occurences in your body.
---You sleep for less hours a night. Sleep is of a heavenly quality. It will be like falling asleep on a heavenly cloud of light, resting in God's arms.

There are also other less obvious changes which I will mention later on. There are no disadvantages for the body to be on the breatharian state.

The pranic Breatharian

The breatharian who lives without food, yet not on light, is nourished by a combination of prana, sunlight and air. It, too, results in physiological changes. I will later on write about it.