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Breatharian book
My book on Breatharianism

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I am still in the process of writing a book on breatharianism. I have only still a few more things to add and to make the final edit. The book will most likely be published in Summer this year, I have still a few more practical details to sort out.

Some of the chapters that are to be included in the book: PRELIMINARY LIST

Light Science - describing light
Light Technology - light manifesting matter
The DNA-system
Chakra system

Food and eating
Why there is eating
The digestive system
Various forms of eating (vegetarian, vegan etc)
Food impacts on the body
Diseases caused by food created imbalances
Diseases cured by food created balances
Food choices - what really makes us eat
Hungers - each forms defined
Why some starve and die without food

About breatharianism
Various types of breatharianism
Breatharian physiology
Nutrient manifestation
Breatharianism and reproduction
Who becomes a breatharian and who doesn't

Reaching breatharianism
How to prepare
Knowing if it is right for you today
Experiencing fasting
Various forms of cleansing oneself
Detoxification and how to behave during it
Remaining physically safe
Finding the consciousness that is there
Activating each of the body chakras
Making DNA magnetic
Manifesting nutrients
Solving possible problems and complications
Breatharianism - for whom?
What to tell others
Nutrient balances

These are only a few of the chapters that will be included in my book. More chapters such as animal breatharians, breatharianism throughout history, extraterrestrial breatharianism, health details, breatharians with children, child or elderly breatharians, those with health problems, and more practical advice on reaching the breatharian state!

I will construct the book so that it may appeal to anyone, whether planning on reaching a breatharian way of life or just interested in the topic. I combine various forms of perspective into this one book. Scientificly acknowledged information, as well as that on the esoterical side which remains yet to be fully discovered by sciences. Much of the information is from my own experience, and years or researching about the topic and the conclusions and information I have come to make. I also base my information on personal accounts of others whom I have met and spoken to.

I like to think that my book is a strictly objective one. Neither too 'scientifically limited', nor too 'esoterically difficult'.

Much included in the book is not available here on my website. I will come back with further details as to the date of finishing this work and on purchase.

With much love...