Prologue: Mom’s got “The Shopping Look”

Ashtah took one look at mom and ran to get Dral… “Dral!” She hollered, “Mom’s got ‘that look’ again!” She skidded to stop at Dral’s room and poked her head into the open doorframe. Panting heavily she said, “Better come quick!”

And with that, she thudded off down the hall to her room. Mom having that look only meant one thing… money spending!

Dral sighed heavily. She was in the middle of reading a really great book. Grumbling to herself she grabbed up her bookmark and thumped the book shut. “Great” she thought. “Just what I needed…a day out in Neopia Central”. Hopping off the bed she took a quick glance in her wall mirror and smoothed out a rouge tuft of fur. “I hope this does not mean another trip to the stupid lab ray.” She shuddered to herself. At least she could see some really positive results. Her stats were really becoming impressive now, and it looked like she might just stay a girl for a while. She sighed again and headed over to Ginger’s room.

Ginger was playing his M*YCINI music really loud again. Pictures in the hallway were rattling and the drawers in the small tables were shaking half out of their slots. She slammed a drawer shut and whammed on the door. Once, twice…”Thud!” “Thud!” “Poomph?” She looked up and realized that Ginger had opened his door and that Dral was now pounding on his stomach. Needless to say, Ginger thought this was hilarious.

“Hey Big D!” He roared, “What’s goin’ on!” Ginger always roared, that was what Grarrls ALWAYS did. That and eat everything in sight…

“Mom has her spending money look again and we are getting ready to go to town.”

Ginger perked up. “Ya don’t say?!” He slapped Dral on the back. “Well, let’s get a-goin!” He thudded down the hall to the pantry. Nowadays Ginger always grabbed food before going somewhere. Something about always being hungry. Sounds of neggs being messily eaten and tableware being mangled by grarrl teeth soon followed.

Dral sighed and picked herself up off the floor from where Ginger’s slap on the back landed her. She knew he didn’t mean anything by slapping her on her back. He probably thought he barely tapped her, and he was still getting used to his strength. “Boy,” Dral sighed, “ Do I miss when Ginger was a kou…” She straightened her back (mostly to make sure no bones need healing) and dashed off after Ginger. Sounds of “Hey, put that back! Mom’s gonna have a cow! Um, no offense” and “Hey! I was EATING that!” drifted to Ashtah’s ears as she ran back down the hall towards the living room. Hearing noises in the pantry, she skidded to a stop to see what was going on.

Ashtah poked her head into the room. “Will you guys hurry up?? Mom is gonna….leave…us…behi..nd.” She stared in awe. Ginger and Dral were coated in plantcake powder and had bits of fried eggs in their hair. Unknown liquids dripped from the ceiling and pooled on the floor of the once spotless pantry. Both siblings were playing tug of war with a very sad looking tuna sub. Both had a determined yet desperate look in their eyes. Ashtah frantically looked around trying to think of something to do. If Mom saw this mess, she, Ashtah, would be flotsam on a cracker for sure! Putting up both fins, she decided to try to talk her way though this. “Okay, Dral. Just give Ginger the sub. Then we can get out of here…”

“No way!” Dral shrieked. “This is my sub! Tell reptile boy here to go get his own food!” And she proceeded to tug on the sub again.

“Waa..what?” Ashtah blinked in surprise. Normally it was Ginger trying to eat with Dral trying to stop him and not the other way around. She blinked again. “Oookay…Ginger. You drop the sub and let Dral eat it.”

“Not a chance!” Ginger roared. “I saw it first!!” And he began tugging on the sub again.

“You’re 10 feet high!” Shrieked Dral. “You see EVERYTHING FIRST!!” And with a furious yank she pulled the sub out of Ginger’s hands and proceeded to shove the whole sub into her mouth. Ginger blinked in surprise. Ashtah winced in alarm. She knew what would happen next…

“WHY YOU!!” Ginger roared and fired off a burst of magic pebbles. Of course, at his size it was more like magic BOULDERS. Dral ducked and ran for cover behind one of the many buffet tables (like I said…grarrls like to eat A LOT!) and fired off her own round of abilities. Motes now began to dance both around her and in the mess of goo on the floor. Ashtah whimpered and began to back out of the room. This was now WAY over her head…. Gasping for breath in the hall she listed to the sounds of banging, sparks flying (that would be Dral), and motes dancing. She figured the bangings were those boulders hitting the walls and furniture…Oh man, Mom was gonna have a fit! Figuring she had to do something, she gathered her thoughts and…slumped back against the wall. She would rather fight Dr. Sloth than her two siblings. She froze at the sound of a quiet voice. A very quiet voice. Judging by the silence in the pantry, her two siblings heard the voice as well. Poking her head around the corner, Ashtah peered into the room. Mom was standing in the opposite doorway with her arms folded; one foot tapping and she had a raised eyebrow. “Oh man,” Ashtah thought. “Mom has a raised eyebrow. They are sooo in trouble…”

“I said. What is going on in here?” Mom said with a quiet voice. Dral and Ginger had frozen in shock and now scrambled to line up in front of her. Unrecognizable food clung to both of them and dripped off their arms and heads. Shifting feet, they both proceeded to glare at each other. More food dripped onto the floor.

“Well? I’m waiting…” Mom tapped her foot and arched her eyebrow higher.

“HE/SHE did it!” Both hollered and pointed at each other. “I DID NOT!!” “SHE/HE STARTED IT!!” “DID NOT!!

“NO..” Both pets were facing each other. Dral’s face was now purple and Ginger’s face was beat red. A shoving match had now commenced.

“ENOUGH!!!” Mom shouted. Both pets froze in mid shout and blinked at Mom. “Wow,” Ashtah thought. “She never yells at anyone…”

Ignoring the frozen pets, Mom looked over at Ashtah. “Well?” she demanded.

Ashtah scooted into the room and shuffled her fins on the floor. Looking downcast she desperately tried to think of something to say. Dral and Ginger were both still in shock. Both were still dripping food.

“Never mind” said Mom. She turned to go out of the room. “Just clean up and be in the living room in ten minutes. I have some shopping to do”

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