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Congratulations! Hunter's World has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.

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Here are some great pictures of me. I was born on June 2nd, 2000. Check out my pics!!! I am so thankful for my Mommy do this page for me. She's good at it.

Click on the button below to see other pictures of me

Click here to read about my birth story according to Mommy. I think she exaggerated everything a little bit. Hee hee!!

Here are some recent pictures that Mommy took of me while we were visiting a friend

Here I am when I was a few minutes old.

Here's me & Mommy on our first Easter together. Don't we look so cute together?

These are some silly pictures that Mommy took of me

This cute kitty named Murphy was adopted by me on February 3rd, 2001. Here's Murphy's picture & his adoption plaque. To find out how you can adopt a pet on your website, click on Murphy's picture.

Here's a really cool award that I got from Mommy's friend, LadyJ (the same woman who let me adopt Murphy up above). She thought that my site was a "WOW" site. Thank you, LadyJ. SMOOOOOCHES!

This is a special award that I got from Mommy's friend, Fiona. Thank you very much, Fiona. You are very sweet & I love you for making this for me.

You can click on the banner below to visit "Auntie" Fiona's website that she made for all babies in Heaven. She made a memorial for my big brother, Nicholas.

Here's an award from Morgan & Tori. They're the daughters of Mommy's friend, Sonya. You can click on the award to see Morgan & Tori's website

These are some really cool awards that I got from one of Mommy's new friends (her name is Lisa & I think she's pretty cool herself). Thank you, Lisa!!!

Here's my latest award from a woman named Ruth (aka Angel) from Australia. Thanks mate! LOL!

Me & Mommy did a scavenger hunt & we won the prize for finding them all!! Thank you, Tori & Morgan!!

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This is my little guardian friend named Faerie Miracle. She's so named because I am a miracle to my Mommy & Daddy. Isn't she a pretty one? =)

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Looky here!! I got my own personalized horoscope from Affiniti at Affiniti's Pooh Pages.

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Mommy & I have new graphics for my awards to give out. Hooray!!! Below are the samples of the new awards that we are giving out. Check them out!!

To apply for our awards, click on the graphic below

Hey, before you leave, could you please sign my guestbook below. Thanks a bunch!

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