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             Deus Ex Machina
  Organization and Stereotypes
  Supernatural Relations
  Craft Secret

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            Created in the late 1999's, this craft is very new to the Ascension War. It was developed by Harvin Torres a disgruntled Virtual Adept. He believed that the VA's where constricting and that his study of Spirit was out of place in the Tradition. Since he is a  musician, and fairly open-minded, he  listened to his allies from the Dreamspeakers, the Cult of Ecstasy, Celestial Chorus and Verbena. He then took a good listen to his avatar, which constantly sang to him, and decided that life, as a Virtual Adept was not for him. He researched the other Traditions then added his own philosophies, and came up with Deus Ex Machina (God from the Machine). It combines technomancy, modern youth cultures and old concepts of magick then modernizes them. With this new structure and ideologies in his mind he laid down the foundation to the DEM
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            Reality is conceptual. The Populous believes in science, but some still believe in magick. Magick through technology is good, but what about the pseudo sciences that are still practiced? What about the sympathetic Magicks that still have a basis in science? That's where the Deus Ex Machina comes in. D.E.M. mixes all that together. It brings out old concepts, dusts them off and polishes them up. It renovates them to a modern standard. Though technomagick, they are dipping into everything that breaks them apart from all others. The primal screams, bass beats of techno-music, surging of VR, the Sciences of magick, chaos mathematics, cosmology, and the spirituality of the world are seen as their playground. Though Ascension is the goal, perfection is not. Flaws create dynamic scenes which allow one to  improve. Even enlightenment has its drawbacks. They teach the concept  "The Surrender", in which you see that the flow of the universe is too strong for any one person. You must do you duty, no matter what.

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                        A mix of technomancy and sympathetic magick, it speaks many languages.

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Technology- The backbone of this craft, technology is mostly computer based and tends to be high end, shinny and new. See Weapons.

Techno-music- music is nice, but techno music is invigorating. Especially great with mind magick, they take the beats and use it's inner language beyond notes on paper to get at the root of emotions and change them, calm them, or hide messages inside.

Primal Scream- They take their inner most gut emotions and state of being and force it outward to manipulate the forces around them.

Chaos Mathematics- used to calculate probabilities and such, best with entropy.

Cosmology- To track the stars and stellar objects, cosmology aids the DEM in their pursuit of Spirit.

Song- While techno music is good, modernized songs is another thing, optional foci, but nice to have just in case of a jam. It is also used with cosmology for spirit.

Techno-instruments- used in addition to cosmology for spirit, talking to spirits with the instrument, like keyboards and electronic violins.

Biology- Life isn't useful w/o the study of Life, combined with tech to most results.

VR tech- one of the correspondence foci along with the baseline of tech, can be used with spirit.

Weapons- The DEM use some high-tech guns like energy weapons, but most use neo-archaic weaponry, redesigned and re-mastered to be more effective and also convert to an energy weapon for quick long ranged attacks, they tend to be flashy, spectacular and comic bookish.

Alchemy and Chemistry- Major ones for matter, couldn't do anything w/o these things.

Electricity and Primal Energies- Prime.

Outfit- They say clothes make the man, and with that, what a person wears plays on what his role is in society and how people view them, great for mind effects for dealing with large amounts of people.

Dancing- Who said you need two to tango? The dance hightens your own emotions and allows them to be channeled into the magick.

Moshing- Great for group magick of any sort.

(Note: the Time sphere is a hard sphere for foci, so it has no personal foci, just tech and maybe some other things you can think up, like chemistry for example for time acceleration)

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            The DEM focus mainly on the Sphere of Mind, believing that the world is an unfriendly place and  killing isn't the best decision to make. Influencing the Populous will take some magick. Next to the Mind Sphere is the Spirit Sphere. Few Technomancer like to tread this ground even the Void Engineers decided to use something different. It is rarely practiced by the Sons of Ether, and  less in the Virtual adepts.

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Organization and Stereotypes
            Headed by one man, Headmaster Harvin Torres, the craft is too small for any complex politics and such. They are stationed in Kansas City with is known to them and the supernaturals of Necropolis.

            Stereotypes: None as of yet. They tend to get along with Technomancers (not to be confused with technocrat), but think they need to get their heads out of their asses. They think the Dreamspeakers would make great allies, along with the Cult of Ecstasy. They still have vague undecided feelings on the  Verbena and Euthanatos. They thing the  Hermetic Order needs to chill out.

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Supernatural Relations
As for the other supernaturals... They get along with Glasswalkers, but rarely speak to any other tribe. They only know  the Children of Gaia, Glasswalkers and Shadow Lords. Most of  other changing breeds are  a mystery exceptions being: Ratkin, Bastet and Mokole. They have both positive and negative realations to them. They have no dealings with vampires because they have not encountered many. Due to the 6th Great Maelstrom, they have had some contact with wraiths and view them with indifference. However, unlike other Technomancers, the DEM acknowledge the Fae. Having seen other supernatural phenomenon, and trying to promote open-mindedness, how hard is it to believe that fairies exist?

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More Power, Scotty! (Matter 3, Forces 2 )
            Extremely popular among the Sons of Ether, this rote comes into play during experiments in which more power is required than the ability of the source to provide it. (Did anyone understand that sentence?) This quite often allows the SoE to retry a "failed" experiment. The effect of this rote is twofold: it increases the power provided from a source (i.e., forwards more electricity from a city's power grid to mage's experiment (which could have adverse effects on the rest of the city...)), and doubles the capacity of the transferring source (the carrier cable) to handle it safely. This being primarily an SoE rote, there is, of course, a catch... an even number of successes doubles (x2 for each pair of successes) both the effects, as outlines above (the effect is exponential). However, an odd success will increase only the amount of power provided. (Example: Dr. Emerson needs more power to reanimate the body of his third wife. The experiment is not going as expected, so he does the natural thing and... adds more power! He casts the rote, and gets 5 successes. The first pair of successes gives him x2 the amount of power to the system and x2 the ability of his OmegaLifeATron to handle it, the second pair gives him a total of x4/x4, but the odd last success gives him only x8 the power, causing the city to go into a brown-out, and the OmegaLifeATron to begin a core meltdown . It's fun!

Chemical Shortcut (Matter 1)

            The DEM employ a different version of the periodic table than do conventional scientists, which can only be expressed with a three dimensional model. This allows them to pay attention to properties that most scientists overlook, thus enabling them to produce surprising results in laboratories. (Each success reduces the difficulty on Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, Chemistry and similar rolls by 1, to a minimum difficulty of 3.)

Track Xenofauna (Spirit 1 Life 1)

            The renowned xenobiologist Ferris Shu was dedicated to the discovery of previously undocumented life forms, and she employed this rote to help her find such creatures.
(This allows the scientist to look through the Gauntlet into the Middle Umbra, thus spotting any Umbral creatures in the vicinity.)

Awaken Properties (Spirit 3, Prime 2, sometimes with Matter 2)

            The DEM awaken the spirits in items to cause them to have more potent properties coffee's caffeine becomes twice sometimes three times stronger, metal can soak spirit damage, copper carries electricity further, faster and more efficiently. The spirit 3 is used to talk to the spirit and awaken it, while with prime 2 added sends quintessence to the spirit to goads the spirit into opening these properties.

            DEM sometimes want to communicate with the elementals living in material objects. That is when you add Matter 2 They tickle the object with their music and other equipment to awaken the sleepy spirits. If it succeeds the spirits awaken, and the mage can talk with them. The spirits of normal objects are often rather simpleminded and fairly powerless, but generally very knowledgeable about the nature and use of the object. Some objects can have fairly willful and powerful spirits, like certain cars or buildings.

Clean Without Water (Matter 3)

            This rote will efficiently clean the mage (or anything else). Dust and dirt just vanish, leaving everything spotless. It also adjusts the hair and makes it shiny, adjusts make-up and does manicure. It of course includes perfume and deodorant.

Dancing Toaster (Matter 3)

            Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether manipulate machines using their computers and instruments. The mage can make machines and objects to move themselves as if they were alive. Usually the mage uses the joints and movements the machine already has, like the joints of a showroom-dummy, a tape recorder throws out the tapes or a hose slithers forward. With enough successes the mage can make toasters to dance and statues to move. Note that the object will only move as the mage wills it to move, as soon as the mage ends concentration the effect will end. Some Hermetic's trap
spirits inside objects to work as guards and sentinels.

[The number of successes increases the dexterity and strength of the object. This will of course be modified depending on the nature of the affected object. A lift probably has a good lifting-strength, which the mage only need to increase. ]

Strength of Steel (Matter 3)

            The mage can make something hard as steel without changing other material properties. This rote can turn a curtain into a barrier, a piece of string into a cable or a paper-plane a deadly killing instrument. DEM usually perform this rigidity activation by carefully measuring the material of the object, and slowly manipulating the readings to suitable levels.

In the Hand of the Beholder (Matter 3 Correspondence 1)

            By altering the material pattern, a mage can change the color of an object. This has been used to paint many chantries, but can also be used for artistic endeavors. This rote is very popular among artistically inclined mages. The mage reaches out with her senses in the surroundings, and alter the surface of an object to match them. The result is a painting of the surroundings, perhaps altered by the mage. This can of course easily be turned coincidental by simply painting the object. The image reflects how the mage sees things, and may be rather subjective or very objective depending on what the mage sought to effect. It is also dependent on mood, personality
and tradition. Images created by Order of Hermes tend towards the baroque, while Technomancers create images of photographic clarity and Akashic Brothers create works with a definite Asian style.

Nastyglass/Oooh Shinny (Matter 2 Forces 2 Mind 2 Prime 2)

            A weird invention of Daedalus. It is a special type of glass, which modulates light in a very strange way, turning it irritating to the human mind. Nothing measurable changes except that anything viewed through the glass will appear ugly, sickly and slightly nauseating. Light sent through the material will take on a bleak look, and people often get headaches out of it. There are rumors that Daedalus also developed other types of glass with positive emotions.

            And on the flip side the glass can be made more aesthetically pleasing and soothing. Beautiful glasswork on clubs and such can be made to turn the mood, creating better atmosphere.

Psychotronic Energy Scans (Correspondence 2,  Forces 1, Mind 1 )

            This rote acts as a magickal early-warning system. It works though a method called psychotonic sampling, siphoning off a minuscule proportion of an area's energy and immediately returning it. Fluctuation in the total energy in the area is reflected in the energy of the sample. When something using energy such as an animal or an operating machine enters, the amount of energy sampled changes, and the mage can observe the change.

[ The Mind 1 component is needed to keep the subconscious manual monitoring of the scan going. Often some kind of expert system or an apprentice is given this duty instead. Many mages also add Prime 1 to detect shifts in quintessence levels as well, this reveals mages, talismans, and other quintessence related changes in the area.

Psychotronic Biological Diagnosis  (Correspondence 2,  Forces 1,  Life 1)]

            The mage uses psychotonic sampling on a subject's bio-electro-magnetic aura. The mage can examine the aura in this way and determine if the individual has any form of ailment and identify the nature of such problems. Sons are working on using this to read minds.

Window Manager (Correspondence 2)
            The Adept opens a window on his screen, showing another place. He can see and hear what is going on there, and move his vantage point, zoom in and out, store images and otherwise transform the
image. Using a Virtual Reality the mage can even move around in a virtual copy of the place, seeing, hearing and feeling things (But he still cannot interact with the place).

1-800-QUINTESSENCE (Correspondence 2 Prime 1)
            This rote was invented by virtual adepts who were having problems getting quintessence when they away from their nodes. However, by using the ordinary phone network or Internet to call a computer or phone near their home node, the Adepts can connect to it and absorb needed quintessence. This rote has been expanded to higher levels, using the networks as conduits for quintessence to their uses.

Curse of Raistlin (Entropy 1 Mind 2)
            The mage opens the mind of the victim to the presence of entropy in all things. Euthanatos point their bone against the victim, mumbling something incoherent and mournful. The victim is cursed, forced to see the entropy present in everything. Nothing the victim feel is free from the taint of decay. He will feel how everybody is slowly dying and nothing will remain forever. This curse will make most normal people very depressed, and if the curse persists long enough many victims become insane or commit suicide.

Protection against the Winds of Randomness (Entropy 2)
            The mage surround himself with a field of negative randomness, giving him some protection against random events (like getting the poisoned drink on the tray, winning on lottery or being hit by a falling flowerpot). When the mage uses this rote, he takes some item from the vicinity, like a four-leaf clover, a napkin or a coin. This object will become the "lucky thing". This item will partially show how much "luck" remains or if the rote successfully defends the mage. When the rote ends, the "lucky thing" will be lost or destroyed.

[Each success protects against one random event. Random events are events where the different possibilities are about the same probability and do not depend on somebody or something conscious decision. The rote will protect against all randomness, even beneficial. It will not work against coincidental magick.]

Random Message (Entropy 2 Correspondence 2)
            Used mainly by the Players and Cultists, but some Virtual Adepts have developed their own Video Game version. By reaching out with his mind, a player of a game of chance can contact another player, if he is playing the game somewhere else. By influencing the game, he can send messages to the other. These messages are naturally limited to what the game can show and what the other mage can interpret (for example 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, the Tower, 9 of Wands and Death is a quite obvious "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!").

Digital Web Rotes (hey, gotta be on the right scenes):
Invisible Icon ( Forces 2 )
            Common knowledge among Virtual Adepts, this rote was created early in the web's existence as a modification of the Order of Hermes rote Veil of Invisibility. With this rote, the mage alters the pattern of the energies of an icon so that it no longer has a visual existence. This can be used on Icons both in the Digital Web and the ones Virtual Adepts project into the real one.
System is as with Veil of Invisibility.

Create Virtual Duplicate (Forces 3, Matter 1, Prime 2)
            This lets a mage make a virtual duplicate a physical item. The duplicate acts like the item, but is limited to the effects of forces three.

Energetic Object Transformation (Forces 2, Matter 4)
            This Son of Ether magick transfers objects from reality into Virtual Reality and back. Some sons use this to carry large items from place to place on disk.

Default Form (Mind 2,  Forces 2)
            This rote forces an icon to reflect a character's self image for its duration. A great deal can be learned by examining how someone thinks they look, especially by those with psychological skill. It is interesting that many people think they look like their mirror image, since that's how they most often see themselves. Rumors persist that Life Hackers have a Mind 2 Life 4 rote that forces Garou into a particular form and holds them there.

Snipertrace (Correspondence 1 )
This rote was recently pioneered by combat Virtual Adepts using their HUD displays. The rote lets their computers track the path of any projectile back to it's path ( even those too fast for the adept to see)
Time 2 can be used to determine the paths of projectiles that have already been shot. (Was the Man in Black behind the grassy knoll or in the building?)

Using this rote with a video input is coincidental.

Mind 1  can be used to make the rote track many lines of fire at once.

[ Each success comes closer to pinpointing the source, at 3 or more successes the sniper's location is known enough to be attacked, even if he is invisible or concealed. ]

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Craft Secret
            The music and power of groups has been identified as a source of power for magick. When more power is needed for large magickal effects the DEM can hold a Rave, and with mind 3 (each mage rolls for the effect; each success equals one person that  willpower was siphoned from. A person cannot be effected twice by one caster. (Which is to say a person can be affected twice by two different casters) When confronted by a group of DEM in combat, each one can use it to siphon a willpower point from their opponent. They may  gather 1 willpower from each person at the Rave together and half success to the magickal feat, this is done rarely, but when necessary for emergencies. The siphoned successes can be saved for a number of turns per success rolled.

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