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Alternative Chat Rooms

Infinity Mirror Site  (Axis)  *Commonly used if White Wolf crashes*

  Open Chat Room (Axis) *Thanks Spyrul*

  Infinity Chantry  (Tool Zone) Whose Online

  Infinity Offices  (Tool Zone) Whose Online

  If there are problems My ICQ # is 48334557 I also have MSN at the Hotmail address "" and AIM at Seavee Bluecat
              It has come to my attention that certain people are bane chased when they try to enter the Toolzone Chats. After much experimentation on the parts of other players it has been ascertained that a computer reboot fixes the problem. Also  it seems that the screen will refuse to allow posting occasionally. This can be fixed by either changing rooms and waiting for it to reset or contacting me if I am around (ICQ# 48334557) and asking my to purge the room. Sorry for the problems but this is the best I can do. I suggest that everyone use the Axis Chats.

    These Chat room are mirror sites of the WW site for use when the site crashes. Please be considerate of everyone. The sites are set to clear after 30 minutes to 1 hour of inactivity. Therefore old text will not be left behind. The sites do have a moderator function but it will not be used unless repeated disruptions show that this is necessary. More rooms are forthcoming for the purpose of private games, traditions meeting's etc. Before the new rooms are added please feel free to use these 4 room sin whatever manner you wish on a first come, first serve basis so long as the WW site is up and running. If the WW site crashes private games must give way to others.
Multi-City Java Chat Room
Itty Bitty Chat Box

(Nov. 1999) "Well, I've run through rainbows and castles of candy, I 've cried a river of tears from the pain, I try to dance with what life has to hand me, my partners been pleasue, my partners been pain..."
                                                                                                                  Stevie Nicks {Sometimes its a Bitch}                                                                     To Quotes Page                                                                                                                                                   (Submitted by: Destin, Player of Amanda)
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