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Web Safe Non-dithering Colors

Silt Brown (996600)
Brown (663300)
Pond Scum (666600)
Light Orange (FF6600)
Medium Orange (FF6633) 
Dark Orange (FF3300) 
Order of Hermes Orange (FF3333) 
Faded Orange (CC6666) 
Peaches and Cream (FF6666)
Ember Orange (FF0000)
Tomato Red (FF0033) 
Amanda's Pink (FF0066) 
Purple/Pink (CC0099) 
Light Purple/Pink (CC33CC)
Watermelon Pink (FF3366)
Barbie Doll Pink (FF3399) 
Bubblegum Pink (FF33CC)
Dark Fuchsia (FF00FF)
Medium Fuchsia (FF33FF)
Light Fuchsia (FF66FF)
Pale Fuchsia (FF66CC) 
True Pink (FF6699)
Blush (FF99CC)
Pink/Purple (FF99FF) 
Light Pink/Purple (FFCCFF)
Mauve (FF9999)
Light Mauve (FFCCCC)
Banana Cream (FFFFCC)
Medium Banana Creme (FFFF99)
Dark Banana Creme (FFFF66)
Apricot (FFCC99) 
Medium Apricot (FFCC66) 
Dark Apricot (FFCC33)
Gold/Yellow FFCC00)
Yellow (FFFF33) 
Flesh Color (FF9966)
Spice (FF9933) 
Orange Spice (FF9900)
Light Orange Spice (CC9900)
Acorn (CC9933)
Dust (CC9966)
Pollen green (999933) 
Yellow/Green (CCFF00) 
Banana (CCCC00) 
Dark Banana (CCCC33)
Army Green (99CC00)
Caterpillar Green (99CC66) 
Sand (CCCC99)
Cheesy Yellow (CCFF66)
Twinkie Yellow (CCFF99)
Sea Foam (CCFFCC)
Dark Sea Foam (99FFCC)
Silver (CCCCCC)
Celestial Chorus Silver (C0C0C0)
Purple/Silver (CCCCFF) 
Mauve Smoke (CC9999) 
Lavender Smoke (CCPPCC)
Indigo Smoke (9999CC)
Pastel Smoke (9999FF)
Cotton Candy (CC6699)
Violet Purple (CC66CC)
Light Purple (CC66FF) 
Purple (CC33FF)
Medium Purple (CC00FF) 
Dark Purple (9900CC) 
Anti-Goth Purple (9933FF)
Virtual Adept Purple (9933CC)
Violet Pink (CC3399)
Dark Violet Pink (CC3366) 
Etherite Violet (CC00CC) 
Barney Purple (990099)
Passions Pink (CC0066) 
Cult of Ecstasy Red (CC0033) 
Flame Red (CC0000)
Pink/Peach (FF6666) 
Brown/Grey (996666) 
Cinnamon (CC3333) 
Nutmeg (CC6633)
Pumpkin (CC6600) 
Green/Brown (666600) 
Muddy Green (666633)
Light Muddy Green (666666)
Mud (996633)
Dirt Brown (993300) 
Red Clay (993333)
Red/Brown (990000)
Rosy Brown (990066) 
Matte Purple (660099) 
Violet Purple (993366) 
Medium Violet Purple (993399)
Light Violet Purple (996699)
Blue/Purple (6600CC) 
Medium Blue/Purple (6633CC) 
Light Blue/Purple (6633FF)
Bright Blue/Purple (6600FF)
Lavender (9900FF) 
Medium Lavender (9966FF)
Light Lavender (CC99FF) 
Purple Smoke (9966CC)

Country Blue (3366FF)
Green Smoke (669999)
Grey (999999)
Baby Blue (99CCFF)
Sea Green (99CCCC)
Aqua (66FFFF)
Medium Aqua ((00FFFF)
Light Aqua (33FFFF)
Pale Aqua (99FFFF)
Bright Sea Green (66FFCC)
Neon Sea Green (66FF99)
Spring Green (99FF99)
Neon Spring Green (99FF66)
Mossy Green (99CC99)
Crayon Green (66CC66)
Green (66CC33)
Neon Green (33FF33) 
Lime Green (00FF00) 
Light Lime Green (99FF00)
Grey/Green (669966) 
True Green (009933) 
Grass Green (339933)
Yellow/Green (CCCC66)
Golden/Green (999900)
Green/Yellow (999966)
Light Dusty Green (669900) 
Dusty Green (339966) 
Dark Dusty Green (336600) 
Olive Green (669933) 
Electric Green (66FF00)
Light Electric Green (99FF33)
Lawn Green (00FF33)
Emerald Green (33CC00)
Lime Sherbet Green (33CC33)
Mint Green (33CC66) 
Light Mint Green (66CC99)
Bright Mint Green (66FF66)
Radioactive Green (33FF66)
Hedgie Green (33FF99)
Psychedelic Turquoise (33FFCC)
Aquamarine (33CCCC)
Dreamspeakers Smoke (66CCCC)
Light Sky Blue (66CCFF)
Sky Blue (33CCFF)
Soft Green (339999)
Periwinkle (3399CC)
Turquoise (3399FF)
Smoke (666699)
Dirty Blue (6666CC)
Dynamic Blue (0066CC)
Lapis Lazuli (3366FF)
Windshield Wiper Fluid Blue (3333FF)
Goth Blue (3333CC)
Hollow One Purple (663399)
Asphyxiation Purple (663366)
Euthanatos Grey (333366)
Seavee Blue (3300FF)
Akashic Blue (3300CC)
Nebula Purple (330099)
Dirty Eggplant (660033)
Charcoal (000033)
Cedar (660000)
Orphan Gray (336666)
Brown Leather (663333)
Green Charcoal (333300)
Ivy Green (336633)
Kudzu Green (006633)
Pine Green (003300)
Evergreen (003333)
Green/Grey (333333)
Spruce Green (006666)
Green Mud (330000)
Blue Charcoal (000066)
Purple Charcoal (330066)
Burnt Charcoal (330033)
Plum (800080)
Dark Royal Blue (000099)
Medium Royal Blue (0000CC)
Light Royal Blue (0000FF)
Grey/Blue (003366)
Blue/Grey (003399)
Medium Blue/Grey (333399)
Dusty Blue (0033CC)
True Blue (0033FF)
Light Blue (0066FF)
Blue/Lavender (6666FF)
Smoky Aqua (006699)
Alexi's Blue Smoke (336699)
Pastel Blue (0099FF)
Bright Pastel Blue (00CCFF)
Blue/Green (0099CC)
Green/Blue (009999)
Light Green/Blue (00CCCC)
Neon Aqua (00FFCC)
Psychedelic Green (00FF99)
Pea Green(00FF66)
Dirty Aqua (00CC99)
Pastel Green (33CC99)
Dark Pastel Green (00CC66)
Teak Green (00CC33)
Kewi (00CC00)
Green Apple (99CC33) 
Half a Worm green(66FF33)
Irish Green (33FF00)
Envy (009966)
Verbena Green (006600)
Slime (009900)
Anti-freeze Green (339900)
Silver (808080)
Tawny Green (808000)
Burgundy (800000)
Forest Green (008080)
Navy Blue (000080)
Jon's Rich Green (008000)

Not Web Safe Custom Colors

Cornflower Blue (6495ED) 
Dodger Blue (1E90FF) 
Dark Slate Blue (483D8B) 
Slate Blue (9A5ACC) 
Orchid (DA70D6) 
Dark Orchid (9932CC) 
Ash Purple (9370DB) 
Elfstones Indigo Purple (4B0082) 
Hot Pink (FF69B4) Hot Pink
Bright Hot Pink (FF1493) 
Pink Panther Plum (B93B8F)
Violet Red (C71585)
Crimson (DC143C)
Julie's Peach (FF8078)
Gold (FFC700) 
Dark Goldenrod (B8860B)
Orange (FF4500) 
Tangerine (FF9900)
Normal (000000) 


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If you would like to add a color please E-Mail me at and give me either the code or as good a description as you can. I will try and list the color for you as soon as possible.
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