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K*M Exchange Inc. : Gasoo Plaza

Welcome to K*M Exchange!

Hello Shoppers,
We are a new online store of fans for fans selling. We are called K*M Exchange Inc. and we will be providing a service that will sell items of various gasoo items and we will also accept trading. On the site, we have posters, pictures, special booklets, calendars, etc. We also have a forum for you to sell your items at, it is called the Market Trade Forum. Please also feel free to give comments, suggestions, or ask questions at the suggestion box. K*M Exchange Inc. will try to provide the best service and try to help fill your needs as much as we can. Thank you for coming to our gasoo store, please come again! ^_^

K*M Exchange Inc.

For more information on our store, the contacts, or shipping, please go to our
Contacts page.

If you have any additional questions and would like to call us, we have a toll free number in which you can call us at. This is not a number to call in orders, please use the order forms to order your items, unless it is an emergency. No operators will answer the phone, it is a voicemail service, which we will check regularly. You can also reach us with your questions at

Here's our voicemail number:
Phone Number: 877-685-4411

Newest Items

Top Star Postcards

Store aisles
Use the panel on the bottom of the browser if you came in with

Opening page (www) - This is the page that shows all our updates and associate sites, as well as taking you to the main door when you click on "Enter Here".

Main Door (main) - This is the main page where all the newest and best items of that month will be shown.

Gift Shop and Exchange (shop) - This is where you will find the items being sold by K*M Exchange.

Market Trade Forum (MTF) - This is the place where you can sell your own items, buy from others, or request.

Suggestion Box (Suggestions) - Give us comments, suggestions, or ask us questions here.

New Items (new) - The only place all new items will be for 2 weeks, and then they will be moved.

Contacts (info) - Information on the store, owners, and how we take in orders and ship out.

Order Form (order) - Use this order form to send in your order, conviently pops out in another window so you can continue shopping.

Associates & Links (links) - Find links to other sales pages and online stores.

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