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K*M Exchange Inc. : Contacts

This is the webpage builder speaking, you can call me VaNiLLa. I am just writing you a little note to explain what the contacts section is. This is where you will find our e-mail address where you can contact K*M Exchange and order. It will also provide some information on the "store" and the owners. Thank you all for visiting our "store" and I hope you all enjoy your products!


The Purpose of K*M Exchange Inc.

K*M Exchange Inc. consists of two girls who wish to provide all those out there with products such as posters, pictures, and other items that fans would like to buy. These girls are also fans who just want to help out other fans. If you have any questions for the "owners" of K*M Exchange Inc. please contact them at

How K*M Exchange Inc. Works

K*M Exchange Inc. will be updating weekly the items they have for sale. These items include pictures, posters, calendars, and special booklets. K*M Exchange Inc. accepts cash, and will also trade items on the site. All items on sale's pages will have an item number and shipping prices will vary depending on the choice of shipping. All item prices will not include shipping & handling prices unless specified.

Once you have decided what you would like to buy, you can go to the order form and fill out all the information required and write down the item numbers you'd like to buy. Once we have received your orderform, then K*M Exchange Inc. will add up your total and send you an e-mail with the items you have ordered and the price. It will also include the shipping & handling price and will ask you if you'd like to change any orders or quit the order. Then if you decide to continue, K*M Exchange Inc. will send you another e-mail with the updated information and an address in which you can send your money or trade item to. No checks, money orders, or credit cards will be accepted.

Owner information:

Name: ShiAoMeiMei
AIM Screen Name: aznxgurl38
B-Day: May 23, 1985
Location: Southern California, USA
Nationality: Taiwanese
Job: Scanning pictures and other products
Favorite Gasoos: H.O.T, Yoo Seung Jun, G.O.D, Diva, Koyotae, Kang Ta!.

Name: VaNiLLa
AIM Screen Name: I LuV tOnY aHn
B-Day: unknown..hehe
Location: Southern California, USA
Nationality: Chinese
Job: Website
Favorite Gasoos: H.O.T, S.E.S, Shinhwa, Yoo Seung Jun, G.O.D, Diva, Turbo, Koyotae, H.O.T 4eva!!.

Please e-mail K*M Exchage Inc. if you have any questions regarding the site (such as questions, comments, and orders). Thank you.

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